SET 2020 is set to begin the first week of May in 2020. The date is crawling near, and preparation has started. Below is some useful information about the SET 2020 application dates, application form details, and some preparation tips that will hopefully ensure you breeze through the exam!

SET Exam Application

Online registrations for the SET 2020 exam begin in the second week of February and end in the second week of April. Candidates who are filling in the application must apply for their university of choice while filling in the application.

SET 2020 Application Form

The application form for the SET exam will be available online. Before filling in the form, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • The form will be available online
  • Registration commences in the second week of February
  • Registrations close in the second week of April
  • The form will be accessible and available on SUI websites
  • All the details in the form are compulsory 
  • The photograph you upload must be the latest one you have taken
  • Payment will also be made online
  • It is important to fill in the form in time as no extension of dates is permitted

When you want to apply for the SET 2020 exam, you need to:

  1. Register online, after which you will receive a generated user name and password 
  2. Fill in all the necessary details. This includes your personal, educational, and communication details, your exam centre preferences, and your choices of institutes. 
  3. Book the slots (You can apply for up to two exams)
  4. Upload your latest photograph and your signature 
  5. Pay the SET 2020 fee


The application amount for the SET 2020 exam is Rs. 1750. If you are applying for two exams, the total amount is Rs. 3500. This payment can be made online, as well.

SET Preparation Tips

As stressful as exam season can be, with a cool, calm and collected mind, anyone can get through them. Here are some tips to help you feel in control!


  • Be Organised


Ensure that you are organised with your study material and syllabus. Make a time table of the subjects you need to study in advance and make sure you start in advance to avoid last-minute late-night studying!


  • Understand The Pattern


Going through the papers to understand the paper pattern and how questions are framed and asked is extremely useful. It will help you understand how to answer questions and what to study. 


  • Time Management


Going through past exams can also help you understand how time is allocated per section and per mark. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses and figure out how much time you can allocate per question or section so that you don’t run out.


  • Know The Syllabus


It is of the utmost importance that you are aware of the syllabus and have gone through it. A complete understanding of the syllabus will help you realise what to study and ensure you don’t miss out on anything or study anything unnecessary. Ensure that you don’t skip anything from the syllabus- you never know where the questions will be asked from!


  • Solve Past Papers


Not only is going through the previous exams important, but it is also useful to solve them so that you get a clear idea of how the exam will take place in a real-life situation.


  • Collect The Material From The Right Sources


Ensure you study from the correct textbooks with useful and relevant information. The standard prescribed textbooks are usually the best ones.


  • Maintain Your Health


Health is completely underrated when it comes to giving exams. Ensure you eat healthy, get enough sleep, and ensure you are focussed while studying. Don’t leave it for the last minute and sacrifice on sleep. Make sure your brain feels rested and calm before the exam.For more details for SET 2020 Exam like dates, application, admit card and more at