Looking to change up your hairstyle for summer? From textured bobs to modern 80’s hair, Master Stylist Joey Marchese shares his top looks for the season.

The Cropped Bob

I’ve been doing plenty of cropped bobs in the Best salon Boca lately, and it’s a fantastic try to find summer! If you currently have above-the-shoulder braids and you will find yourself itching to spruce it up with something a tad bit funkier, the cropped bob will make a superb choice.

This style is well known for being short and airy with plenty of texture, and an “undone” look in terms of styling. A cropped bob sits involving the jaw and the earlobe and can be worn with or without a fringe. The power listed here is so it looks genuinely gorgeous on many different hair textures! Style this cut with a gentle wanding, creating a bend in the hair rather than a wave — put simply, don’t concern yourself with having it look too “perfect.”

Summer Haircare Tips


I call this the ‘athleisure’ version of perfect waves. It is an excellent selection for anyone whose hair isn’t completely straight, flat, and smooth — high for naturally curly girls! This textured style plays up movement in the natural waves and bends present in a woman’s hair. Rather than looking as if you intentionally spent time on perfectly curated curls, this style has you looking as if you woke up such as this (flawless!).

I love utilizing a wand to offer the hair a kink here and there. I also love to work with natural texture using Miracle 15 Styling Balm by Osis to tame frizz and flyaways. Try scrunching this balm into your curls after having a quick blow dry — you can go over it with a warm tool because it has heat protectant built-in, and the balm contains moisturizing properties to help keep frizz at bay. It is a great primer that also adds shine, and it’s weightless, so you enjoy the advantages without weighing your hair down.

I don’t use hair sprays much in the summer. The shower is ideal for a polished look, but it’s noted for making hair too crunchy — and you want to have the ability to run your hands through your nose at this time of year! I’m more into finishers at this time, which offer you that carefree, summer texture we all love. You can use the Miracle 15 balm as a finisher!

BIG Hair

I love big hair! This trend is going to be huge for summer (literally). Whether it’s blow dried for an event or only going out by the beach. bigger is much better! This dramatic look, together with the boxy jacket looks women are wearing nowadays, makes for a modernized spin on the iconic 80’s version.

Enjoy hot rollers and a huge blowdry to do this look. I take advantage of Osis Thrill with a somewhat shinier finish to offer structure and hold without overburdening the hair. This system coaxes the curls into their natural shape and texture, but with an increase of hold and grit. It results in a look that’s both a little bit undone with a whole lot of volume.

I also recommend drying hair with a smooth diffuser bag. They’re easy to travel with, and you aren’t fussing with a problematic plastic diffuser in your hair. We sell soft diffuser bags by Diane here at the bob + page.

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Pops of Colour!

Bright pops of color — however, not the perfect shade — are a big trend for summer! Aim for edgier, natural tones that pop, because they’ll add some fun and coolness to your look. You can have a naturally wavy look and make it look even more relaxed (the client’s skin tone will usually determine the colors I would suggest).

Personally, I favor chunky block coloring within the melted look; that’s, I love random placements of color wherever the client’s hair needs it as opposed to overly structured color placement. A lot of the colors I’m seeing almost look like people painted it themselves! I’ve been working a great deal with yellows, purples, blues… but we’re also seeing plenty of coppers and contrasting tones.

As they are fantasy colors, they’re somewhat tricky to maintain. Anything you choose, you’ll be careful in the sun and wear a cap! Or at minimum, consider getting this color pop look done after your beach vacation so it won’t immediately fade.

More Tips for Great Summer Hair:

  • Trim your hair only a bit. Your hair will come in contact with plenty of sun and water (AKA experiencing damage), so it’s best to get an inch roughly flourished the ends to freshen up at the beginning of the season.
  • Have a more effortless approach to your look. In the summer, you will look at how you want and never having to invest an excessive amount of effort. Working together with (instead of fighting against), your natural texture is great.
  • Rather than blow-drying with a nozzle tool, try a diffuser. With the summer heat approaching, you won’t want to reside beneath the hot hairdryer, and a diffuser isn’t as hot.
  • Switch up your products! Osis Magic Anti-Frizz is ideal for those warmer months. You can run it through your damp hair before a blowdry, or use it as a finisher on your ends for smooth curls and reduced flyaways.