The holiday season is getting feverish and you would agree that families around the world are putting final touches to their getaway plans. But before you grab your train or plane ticket, here is an important question you should answer. Does your vacation bucket list include original travel ideas for the whole family? The truth is that most families do visit the same places year in, year out. But isn’t it boring doing the same thing every vacation? 

Well, we understand that when vacation mood sets in, things can get a little messy. And we are here to help. Whether you are visiting another country or looking to become a local tourist this festive season, original travel ideas will give your family a unique experience. You should have something new to talk about in the New Year, isn’t it? Let’s start by recommending Algarve Golf as your preferred writer on great golf vacation ideas if your bucket list has room for holiday games. 


Now, onto the top three fun and original travel ideas for your family this holiday, we did some homework to help you get started. Take a look. 


  • Visit family adventure parks and do more in Mexico


You must have been wrong all this while to think that once you land in Mexico, it is all about tacos and tequila. On the contrary, Mexico has plenty to offer families looking for a breathtaking holiday getaway.  The climate rubberstamps it! Take, for example, the Mayan ruins that have plenty of clubs for kids. You will have found something to keep kids busy as you bike down the trails of the jungle. You will enjoy a taste of Mexican music (Mariachi Band) as you wind your way Mexican water around canals with a boat. Don’t forget to test your taste buds with Churros, delicious Mexican bread laced with cinnamon and sugar. 


  • Experience the culture of the Moroccan way


Morocco is a dry country but it doesn’t feel like it once you land here for a vacation. Like the much-talked-about desert safaris in Dubai, Morocco offers travelers a camel ride experience you will not find anywhere else. Moreover, spending days and nights with Moroccan locals in mountain villages is a perfect holiday getaway for the whole family. Talk about acrobats, jugglers, and snake charmers, a holiday in Morocco will beat your imagination. 


  • Life in Portugal’s golden Islands 


Portugal remains a top vacation destination for the whole family. There are many things to do here, all of which are worth taking down the memory. Once you land in Portugal, make a date with Zoomarine in Guia, a perfect family vacation destination. From rollercoaster fun to swimming in high waves, every activity in this place suits kids and adults. The climate in this part of the world is phenomenal. And if you are looking for a place with marvelous resorts, the Algarve will provide your family with more than memorable golfing sessions. Enjoy Portugal’s picturesque Atlantic coastline while your stay lasts.

    1. Final Thoughts

Holidaying in any of the above destinations should be more than an event. Apart from meeting new people, tasting local cuisines and cruising on a Yacht to Madeira, the experience is worth remembering.