If you have a nice backyard that has a great view or if you simply want to create a perimeter around your swimming pool in some type of non-obtrusive way, a glass pool fence may the answer that you are looking for.  But before you get overly excited and go all in with a glass pool fence (as they are actually extremely expensive compared to some of the other pool fences that are available to you), you are going to need to weigh the pros and cons before you ultimately make a final decision.


Framed Glass Fencing Vs. Frameless Glass Fencing


After you have decided that you are going to go with glass pool fencing Gold Coast, you are then going to need to decide whether you would like to go with a rimmed version or a frameless version.  To clarify, a framed pool glass fence is going to be where you have the glass held in place on either two or four sides by a wood or metal railing.  As for frameless fencing, it essentially means that you are not going to have any type of frame between each of the glass panels that can potentially block a part of your view.  


Now you must keep in mind that there are going to be a myriad of different installation methods and designs that are going to play a huge part of how much your glass pool fence is ultimately going to cost.  Typically speaking, the frameless glass pool fence is going to be much more expensive than its framed counterpart. But if you are trying to keep costs down, you can always decide to go with a more contemporary framed look that uses high-end metal poles as the frame.


If you are in love with the frameless look, just know that the glass that is going to need to be used for your fence must be slightly thicker than the glass that can be used in a framed glass fence.  While it’s not a very big difference (1/2” vs 3/8”), you are going to need to have your engineer let you know how thick the fence glass should be in order to meet the requirements of your particular glass fence design.  


Finally, in case you were wondering, the glass that is going to be used in your glass fence is tempered glass.


How About Plexiglass Fencing?


While plexiglass is definitely an option when it comes to building a glass pool fence, just know that it too will have its own set of pros and cons.  For example, plexiglass is going to be a much more affordable option, but it is also going to wear to all of the elements much more quickly than glass.  Over time, the continuous beating down of UV rays and the natural salts in the air are going to cause your plexiglass fence to start transforming to a cloudier consistency.  On top of that, many homeowners also claim that plexiglass scratches much easier when you are doing regular cleanings on it.