The Skill India Programme is a government initiative that was launched in the year 2015 as an attempt to provide quality training to the youth of India. This programme creates prospects for the youth to acquire necessary training that will help them to develop valuable skills for employment. 

The skills covered under the Skill India programme include automotive, agriculture, finance, banking, leather, beauty and wellness, electronics, retail, etc. 

Skill India

It is believed that over 10 million youth will benefit from the several Skill India Courses that are made available under this programme. Consequently, to avail the benefits extended under this programme, individuals need to have knowledge of a few basic pointers. 

Major components 

  • Training that extends over a short period.
  • Recognising and rewarding them accordingly.
  • Creating special projects that facilitate Skill India Courses and cater to a large section of the skilled youth.
  • Offering suitable job opportunities to qualified candidates of this scheme.
  • Frequent assembly of targeted youth through Kaushal and Rozgar Mela.  

Eligibility criteria

Anybody who fulfils these criteria would be deemed eligible to enrol into the Skill India Courses under this programme –

  • Unemployed youth.
  • Individuals who are dropped out of school or college.
  • A bank account and Aadhaar cardholder.
  • Other criteria, as mentioned by the SSC for specific job roles.

Key advantages 

The following highlights the significant benefits of this programme –

  • Encourage standardisation and promote skill-enhancing training 

This programme facilitates standardising of the process of certification and promotes the creation of a registry of skills. By including a galore of training programmes in the Skill India courses, this scheme has further provided a sense of acquiring skill-enhancing training among the youths. This directly helps to boost the productivity of the existing workforce and align their skills to improve India’s economy proficiently.  

  • Sponsorship to acquire training

It should be noted that the fees required to enrol in any training programme under Skill Development Courses list would be paid by the government. Also, the training provided would be as per the industry standards and will be closely based on the National Skill Qualification Framework. Individuals can make the most of this feature to enhance their employment by enrolling for the Skill India Programme

  • Eligible for financial assistance

Individuals who had earned certification under any of Skill Development courses would be deemed more eligible to avail funding under several credit-linked government schemes, including MUDRA loan. It will directly allow them to put their vocational training to good use by starting a venture based on their acquired soft skills. 

They may also opt for a loan against property if they need a large sum to enrol in a training programme or to start a venture. 

Nonetheless, while considering the best option to avail credit, individuals should figure out how to apply for a loan against property to keep the process smooth. 

  • Employment generation

Individuals, especially the youth, will be able to secure employment with the help of this scheme. Also, those who intend to start their own MSME will gain a significant boost. With the help of Skill India courses, beneficiaries will enhance their industry-oriented skills considerably. 

Nonetheless, to start a business venture one requires not just the requisite skills but also substantial funding. As a means to fund their start-up venture, entrepreneurs can apply for a loan against property to start their business. 

There are several financing institutions like Bajaj Housing Finance Limited that facilitate employment creation by offering Loan Against Property at a competitive rate of interest. This not only helps the youth to start their MSME but also helps them to keep its operations uninterrupted. 

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In simple terms, it can be said that Skill India is an initiative to uplift the economic standard of India by making its youth self-reliant and proficient. Consequently, figure out all the vital aspects of this scheme and its Skill India Courses to make the most of it accordingly.