Understand the main differences between the possession of weapons authorized by the Federal Police and the armed forces.

One of the great doubts for many people is whether the possession of a gun is legalized here or not and what are the procedures for acquiring a firearm legally if this permission is granted.

In order to know how to acquire a weapon, it is essential to understand the differences between possession and carrying since most authorizations for access to weapons are only possession, since it is prohibited by law, and this is stated in the Disarmament Statute, to carry a weapon.

If you want to know more about the differences in both possession and carrying of weapons and the authorization of weapons by different institutions, follow below:

Difference between gun carrying and possession

As briefly mentioned, there is a big difference between the possession and possession of weapons here in Brazil, see.

Possession of a weapon: Only possession of a weapon and AR-15 speedloader is allowed, that is, you can have a weapon in your home or establishment but it is not allowed to carry it or walk with it freely on the streets.

Carrying a gun: Carrying a gun is prohibited, which allows a citizen to bring a firearm with them to the streets. This rule has its exceptions in the case of some professions in which it is necessary to use such an instrument or when the city proves a legitimate need.

Possession of a weapon by the Federal Police

The authorization of a weapon carried out by the Federal Police is through the National Weapons System which allows two types of acquisition: the registration and possession of weapons.

The register refers to the possession of a weapon and is the authorization of a revolver inside the house, properly kept in a safe or out of the reach of other citizens, or in a commercial establishment, provided that the applicant is the owner or legal guardian of the company.

However, possession is not allowed to any citizen, except for those who prove the need for the use of a firearm for their professional activities that pose a risk or threat to physical integrity.

For the acquisition of a weapon, in addition to proving effective need, documents such as:

  • Personal identification documents
  • Documents proving the technical and psychological ability
  • Proof of suitability
  • Be at least 25 years old;
  • Other documents such as proof of address, photo and other proof that can be checked on the website of the Federal Police