Sodium Perchlorate Market: Introduction

  • Sodium perchlorate (NaCIO4) is an inorganic compound synthesized by anodic oxidation of sodium chlorate with platinum. Sodium perchlorate is a white sand-like solid. It is used in explosives, jet fuels, and to make other chemicals. It is also employed in the mining industry to extract vanadium and uranium. Furthermore, sodium chlorate is used as catalyst, as it releases oxygen during decomposition.
  • Sodium perchlorate is largely employed in the preparation of chlorine dioxide, which is an eco-friendly bleaching agent used in the paper & pulp industry

Key Drivers of Sodium Perchlorate Market

  • Sodium perchlorate is one of the widely used chemicals across the globe, especially in the paper & pulp industry. Increase in demand for paper and pulp is one of the key factors driving the global sodium perchlorate market. Sodium perchlorate is employed in on-site production of chlorine dioxide, which is a key bleaching agent used in the Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) technique of wood pulp bleaching.
  • Demand for superior-quality packaging paper, tissue paper, and craft paper has been increasing among consumers over the last few years. This is likely to provide lucrative opportunities to the global sodium perchlorate market during the forecast period. Easy availability, ease of storage, and cost-effectiveness of sodium perchlorate are driving its adoption in various industries. Rise in demand for sodium perchlorate in dye manufacturing and leather & tanning industries is a significant factor estimated to propel the global sodium perchlorate market during the forecast period.

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Chemical Application Segment to Offer Lucrative Opportunities

  • In terms of revenue, the chemical application segment is estimated to hold significant share of the market during the forecast period, owing to the high demand for sodium perchlorate in various specialty chemicals. Sodium perchlorate is widely utilized as a bleaching agent in the manufacture of eco-friendly and high-quality white paper. Thus, demand for sodium perchlorate is expected to be high in the chemical industry during the forecast period. Increase in trend of using eco-friendly techniques for paper production is anticipated to boost the demand for sodium perchlorate as a bleaching agent in the near future. Environment-related regulations in the U.S. and Canada are also driving the usage of sodium perchlorate as a bleaching agent.
  • Sodium perchlorate is also employed in metal surface treatment applications in construction, automotive, industrial equipment, medical, and aerospace sectors
  • Sodium perchlorate has also emerged as effective defoliant in the agriculture industry. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, around 90% of growth in global crop production is likely to come from higher yields and increased cropping intensity.

Stringent Government Regulations Likely to Hamper Market

  • Sodium perchlorate is a strong oxidizer; as a result, it is widely used in dyes, explosives, pharmaceuticals, paper & pulp, bleaching agents, and cosmetics. Furthermore, exposure to sodium perchlorate can lead to adverse health effects.
  • Sodium perchlorate can cause dizziness, stomach upset, heart problems, and blue discoloration of skin. It can also cause irritation to throat, nose, and lungs. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) introduced a list on sodium perchlorate side effects such as types of hazard, acute symptoms, prevention, and first aid. Regulatory bodies in the U.S. and Europe have offered information on the adverse effects of sodium perchlorate and safety measures. Thus, adverse effects of sodium perchlorate on health is estimated to hamper the global sodium perchlorate market during the forecast period.

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Asia Pacific to Hold Major Share of Global Sodium Perchlorate Market

  • In terms of geography, the global sodium perchlorate can be split into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific is estimated to account for major share of the global market in the near future, owing to the presence of numerous chemical companies in the region. China is expected to account for prominent share of the sodium perchlorate market in the near future, due to the presence of several chemical industries in the region.
  • The market in North America is projected to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period, led by the increase in production of paper and pulp across the region

Key Players in Market

The global sodium perchlorate market is highly concentrated with top manufacturers accounting for approximately 35%–40% share. Key players operating in the sodium perchlorate market include:

  • EMD Chemical
  • Oakton
  • PerkinElmer
  • American Pacific
  • Shree Chlorates
  • GFS Chemicals
  • Thermo Fisher
  • Spectrum Chemical