Prepare for a summer road trip or a long season of hot-weather commuting with the right tires. If you’re shopping for a new set of tires, it can be difficult to determine whether swapping out summer and winter tires is a better strategy than investing in all-season tires. Learn more about these different types and where to find new tires and other discount truck parts online.

Summer Tires vs. All-Season Tires

Do you prefer specialized traction or an all-around great performance? All-season tires are designed to offer balanced, long-lasting tread for all four seasons. Moderate tread depths keep them going through snow, rain or dry, hot asphalt.

Summer tires, on the other hand, are dedicated to hot weather. Blistering asphalt and sudden thunderstorms are safely handled with a less-grooved surface. You won’t find much traction on ice or snow, but you’ll enjoy affordable traction during the entire summer season.

Advantages of Summer Tires

Swapping out summer and winter tires allows you to keep your vehicle going further with less balding, sliding and other issues. Your summer tires are meant for a particular situation. While you’ll need to swap out your tires every season, you’ll get more use out of summer tires that don’t have to face bitter cold temperatures and snowy conditions

These tires are designed to provide as much rubber as possible on the road. Shallow treads and extra grip are great for smooth asphalt and high-speed efficiency. They’re designed to prevent hydroplaning, but otherwise don’t provide the same traction as all-terrain or all-season tires.

Advantages of All-Season Tires

Don’t worry about swapping out tires every season. These versatile tire options are meant for trucks and other vehicles that cover a diverse range of roads without changing tire types. Choose all-season tires with their balanced tread types for long drives across multiple climates. They’re also a reasonable option if you don’t experience long or harsh winters.

All-season options are ideal for cross-country trips or sudden weather changes. If your area is prone to sudden snow storms or other weather swings, it’s best to invest in versatile tires. Otherwise, you could quickly wear out your winter tires on dry roads or drive with reduced traction during a sudden snow storm.

Choose the Best Tire Type

These are just a few considerations you need to make when choosing the best tire type. Be sure you shop carefully to find a set of tires that fit your vehicle. Look for weight ratings, tire diameter and width to choose the best tires for your vehicle. If you aren’t sure which type of tire best fits your vehicle and your driving style, shop online to compare tire options and read reviews on highly rated options.

From jeep tires for sale to truck wheels, gear up for an exciting trip this summer or a full season of commuting and exploring your local area. If your all-season tires continue to wear out quickly, swap them out for specialized summer and winter tires for more long-lasting and dedicated traction.