Everyone would agree on the point that Common entrance test is one of the most difficult examinations. Not only it is because of the nature of the exam but the levels of competition that the exam presents. A vast majority of students are part of this exam and go on to slog out for a small percentile. As the nature of the exam itself is competitive you need to opt for a reputed GMAT coaching in Bangalore centre. The nature of the exams is so competitive that you have to be in a high percentile zone to be selected among the top colleges of the country. But students do have another option to exercise and that is to opt for a GMAT exam.

The positives associated with GMAT exam

At a global level GMAT is a standard exam for MBA and a lot of weightage is given to it. It plays an important role in the process of your admission. In fact, the top institutes of the world assess your GMAT scores as this goes on to add weight to your CV.

To reduce financial stress a good score does provide a definite weightage that takes your education one step ahead. In addition, the amount of time that you need to appear for GMAT is a lot less than what you require in case of CAT.

Being a worldwide exam even a score of 680 or above is rated to be good. This can even help you secure admission in an institute of repute. On the other hand, the pool of institutes accepting the score of GMAT is relatively higher. The pattern of the exam is such that due weightage is given to verbal and quantitative sections.

The best part about the exam is that the scores are valid for 5 years, and this is not like a CAT. Here every year you have to sit for an exam in order to validate your score. By GMAT coaching in Bangalore, you can work on your profile in the right way just like building your path to MBA.

There is no specific date for the examination, just you need to book the time and the date for your examination. Rated to be an adaptive exam, it focuses on the level of difficulty and is not going to penalize you in case you make a mistake during the exams. Once again it is going to depend upon the questions answered.

The verbal section of GMAT

The verbal section of GMAT is a lot trickier and you are tested on the concepts more than CAT. Though the quantitative section is not harder as compared to CAT. In fact, the verbal section is all about sentence correction, and once again in a GMAT exam, this is a lot more difficult. Identification along with grammatical errors have to be on your toes. With the help of CAT, you are able to figure out the concepts in a much better way. Even reading comprehension is a lot difficult to understand.