If you are a permanent resident of Australia and miss your family and relatives staying in another country, there is a way out. The Department of Home Affairs allows you to bring your family and relatives to Australia for a certain period of time from overseas. The Sponsored Family Stream of Visitor Visa 600 makes this possible.

The visitor visa 600 is primarily granted to tourists and businessmen for the purpose of visiting Australia on a temporary basis. However, the sponsored family stream of the visitor visa 600 can be availed by those who already stay in Australia and want to bring their relatives. The following post will explore this option.

Sponsored family stream-Visitor visa (subclass 600)

The Visitor visa 600 has four main streams, namely

  • Tourist stream
  • Business visitor stream
  • Sponsored family stream
  • Approved destination status stream

The Sponsored family stream of the visitor visa 600 allows someone to stay in Australia for 3, 6 and 12 months respectively. What differentiates the sponsored family stream from the other streams of visa subclass 600 is that being an Australian resident you can send a letter of invitation to your relative living in other countries to visit Australia. The sponsor can either be an Australian government official or a family member such as a parent, partner or sibling of the person who intend to come over to Australia.

Eligibility requirements for the sponsor-Visitor visa (subclass 600)

The following are the eligibility criteria for a sponsor as per the sponsored family stream of visa subclass 600.

  • The sponsor must either be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia if they have plans to bring their relative to Australia.
  • The sponsor must be at least 18 years of age
  • The sponsor must be staying in Australia for a period of at least 2 years

In addition, the sponsor must also satisfy any one of the conditions mentioned below.

  • The sponsor must be a family member or a relative (parent, brother, sister, partner, child, grandparent, grandchild, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece or the step or adopted counterpart of one of these relationships) of the prospective visitor
  • The sponsor has to be a relative of an individual who is also a member of the applicant’s family and who has lodged an application for sponsored family visitor visa
  • The sponsor must be an Australian parliament (state, territory or commonwealth) member
  • The sponsor must have authorization to represent the Australian Government, state or territory or be a local government mayor

However, fiancés, friends, in-laws and cousins cannot be a sponsor. Besides, eligible New Zealand citizens, permanent residents of New Zealand, New Zealand citizens and special category of (subclass 444) visa owners are also not eligible to sponsor the prospective visitor under visitor visa (subclass 600).

The sponsors are required to fill out a sponsorship form (Form 1149) which must contain the list of the family members being sponsored. On a single application, only one person is allowed to travel to Australia under visitor visa (subclass 600) stream. Applications will need to be made separately when more than one family member is being sponsored but all the applications can be processed at the same time.

The sponsor in Australia must submit the sponsorship form along with a visa application (Form 1418) for each visa applicant or attach it, if applying online. Exact visa application charge must be remitted for each family member.

Eligibility requirements for the applicant

  • A particular visa application requirement may differ from country to country but it is compulsory for all applicants to fulfil the health and character requirements.
  • The applicant must be outside Australia when applying the visa and be there until the visa is granted
  • As per condition 8501, the applicant must have health insurance when they are in Australia since they are not covered by Medicare and there is no mutual health care agreement between Australia and the home country of the applicant. The applicant is required to meet his/her health cost.
  • The applicants must also have sufficient funds to pay for their own expenses in Australia.
  • The applicant must not owe any debt to the Australian government
  • Be a legitimate visitor and must be sponsored either a family member or a government official

What the visa applicant can do with Visitor visa (subclass 600)-Sponsored family stream?

Generally the visitor visa (subclass 600) allows an applicant to stay in Australia for a period of 3 months but based on certain conditions of the visa, a stay of up to 12 months is permissible. The visa permits the applicant to meet their family or relatives or be on a cruise or holiday in Australia. During their stay in Australia, the applicant can study for a duration of 3 months. Though the sponsored family stream generally permits a single entry in Australia but depending on certain visa conditions, multiple entry and exit is also allowed.

What the visa applicant cannot do with Visitor visa (subclass 600)-Sponsored family stream?

A holder of Visitor visa (subclass 600)-Sponsored family stream is not allowed to work in Australia. As per condition 8503, your length of stay cannot be extended.

Visitor visa (subclass 600) application procedure

  • Get health examinations done
  • Submit documents such as sponsor’s invitation letter, passport, marriage certificate, police certificates, and bank statements.
  • Documents from the sponsored person stating intentions to return to home country, for example proof of assets and employer’s letter.

One can lodge the application either online or offline. For offline application, the application must be sent through courier or post. Once the visa is granted, the sponsor may have to pay a security bond.

Cost and processing time

The cost of the visa is around AU$145 and the processing time is somewhere between 43-63 days.

Seeking assistance

If you require any assistance regarding visitor visa application, the Migration Agent Adelaide can show you the right path. Since they have several years of experience, they help you to fill up the application form and lodge the same along with the required documents and avoid any mistakes.