The CIA, the secret service, and the military – they have been consulting the security and surveillance techniques with casinos. Large live casinos belongs to the most watched places in the world and they are also equipped with the latest technologies. Today we focus what kind of cameras you can find on the casino floor.

CCTV technology in Las Vegas casinos may differ diametrically. Some companies are still recording on VHS tapes. This is simply because these large surveillance systems cannot be replaced cheaply. However, most casinos in Las Vegas have state-of-the-art technology. And the same statement applies for online casinos as well.

Types of cameras you will find in the casino.

The first type is cameras are located exactly above the middle of the table and offer a clear picture of the game. With these, casinos are catching players who are counting cards at blackjack or otherwise cheating.

Then there are PTZ cameras (pan, tilt, zoom) that allow remote controlling, zooming and panning. These cameras have a zoom so powerful that it can identify the banknote values that players put into slot machines.

The third type consists of 360-degree cameras, capable of capturing the entire scene, which can cover play-area as the whole. These machines also have a PTZ feature.

Finally, there are many HD cameras, which are located only in strategically essential places where their high resolution pays off. The reason, why not all cameras are equipped with HD technology is that the HD recordings take up too much space on hard drives.

Face Recognition System

Many modern casinos have the camera system combined with Face Recognition System. The Face Recognition module is used to identify people through video recordings. The module recognizes faces by comparing unique facial parameters with digital templates stored in the database. In this database, the casinos collect the identities of excluded players, scammers or so-called whales.

Although, it has to be said, that according to some casinos the FRS has only about 70% successful rate. The casino environment is just too dark, and the cameras are far away from people with an angle that doesn’t make computer recognition easier.