The modes of studies are no longer limited to physical books and papers. Study materials like books, guides, reference texts, etc. have a limited material of content, incur large costs, and occupy space. Study material, these days can easily be found on the internet. Students can find multiple types of material for all fields and levels of studies easily on the internet.

What Is E-Learning?

E-learning is a trend where the students can study through various mediums and can find different types of material on the internet and make their studies easier and cheaper. E-learning has brought about a drastic change in the study method of society. Various educational content development companies have arisen in the market which makes e-learning content such as e-learning seminars, conferences, guides, books, mock exams, educational games of boys and girls, with the help of experienced lecturers, teachers, and experts. 

What are the types of E-learning materials available?

E-learning brings not only is a better way of studies but also the type of content available on the internet is highly professional and is more innovative. Various educational content development companies are also making e-learning content for the students of India.

The different types of e-learning content which is available on the internet are:

  • Guides: Guides are step-by-step illustrations for particular topics. These are made by professionals and are helpful in various practical fields, these are available for various courses in different fields. The guides allow you to understand the topic of any subject in a detailed format in a step-by-step way which makes learning better and easily understandable. Guides are available along with detailed pictures and diagrams to guide students about the topic properly and to make the concept clear in their minds.

  • E-books: e-books are softcopies of the regular books or are books published online, by various authors and teachers. E-books are similar to the normal books and are the simple most e-learning material available online which the students can read or download on any of their devices.

  • Presentations: presentations are sets of slides that include the study material. Powerpoint presentations are available online for different courses and levels. Presentations might include texts, audios, video clips, diagrams, and pictures related to particular topics.

  • Games: Various interactive study based educational games for boys and girls are available on the e-learning sites. These games are very innovative and are available for various levels of study. These games are made to clear the concepts of many topics in the minds of the students easily and with fun. These games attract the students towards the study and make learning and study exercises easier. The educational games for boys and girls involve programmed interactive designs that not only make learning fun but also allow them to enjoy along with getting their doses of education. These games are allowed to be played by the children at schools and are also available online.

  • Interactive Videos: Interactive videos are either animations or videos of the actual study related concepts that are recorded or made along with the theory related to the topic and its explanation for better understanding. These videos can also be interactive providing the required steps and instructions.

  • Questionnaires and Model Papers: Different types of model question papers for different types of exams are available on e-learning sites that come along with the solution and are to practice.

Multiple companies are promoting and are making e-learning content that has very interactive forms such as educational games for boys and girls and it can be accessed by buying a subscription to these companies which is at a very lower and effective price.