Sometimes known as the fiddle, the violin traditionally supports a wooden hollow belly and its origin dates back to the early 16th century. According to American folklore, violins have roots in music that are quite vast and varied. Most musicians consider violins as a great instrument to treat the tunes it plays as precious artifacts that are meant to be acquired and preserved. For the violins specifically, the repertoire of older tunes dates back to the 18th century, although some tunes played on the violin can be even older. Violins, however, share magnanimous popularity amongst both street musicians and nobility. Let’s take a look at some of the fascinating aspects of the violin and why you should consider taking private violin lessons in Atlanta, or wherever you are situated on the planet:

An Instrument for the Kings

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that music created through violins instantly mesmerize even those belonging from the dignity and the upper class. In 1560, the then French King, Charles IX ordered Andrea Amati (a famous luthier of his time) to construct 24 violins for his own pleasure. While many of these were perished and lost to time, one of these noble instruments that survived is considered the oldest violin. The violin is canonically named “Charles the IX” and was made in Cremona a city in Italy’s Lombardy region. Today the violin is still in excellent condition and reveals traces of the original gold coat-of-arms used by the King of France on its back. The ribs of this magnificent piece bear the motto “Pietate et Justitia” which translates to “by piety and justice”.

Popular Modern Musicians Who Play the Violin

Lindsey Stirling

An American violinist who took the masses by a storm through her choreographed performances in both live and recorded music videos, Lindsey performs a variety of music styles. Her primary genres include classical to pop as well as electronic dance music with some rock too. She has millions of singles sold worldwide and as of September 2019, she has more than 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel with over 2.7 billion total views.

Joshua Bell

Another American violinist and conductor who plays to packed audiences across the world, reputedly making $1000 per minute. Joshua plays the Gibson Stradivarius an antique violin dating back to 1713. He has also served as an artistic partner for the famed Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra from 2004 to 2007, plus he is an adjunct associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Joshua was awarded the Avery Fisher Prize on April 10th, 2007. He has also collaborated with film composer Hans Zimmer by providing violin solos for the film Angels and Demons in 2009.