There are many different people quoting about who you should use to carry out your electrical certificate, below is a better way of choosing your engineer. The reason it comes without biased.

The first thing you should do when employing your electrician or engineer is to ensure that they have the correct qualifications. There are several ways of doing and the easy options are as follows

  1. Ensure they are accredited to a government scheme ( NAPIT or The NICEIC)
  2. Use a user assured website such as which or Trade Facilities Services
  3. Ask for there qualifications directly

It is also a good idea to ask your inspecting and testing electrician some questions about your EICR or electrical certificate. Some of the questions may seem irrelevant but you can gauge the type of test that will be carried out on the day. Some people may only do the bare minimum if the price is cheaper.

  1. How long will be spent at the property
  2. The percentage of circuits that will be tested
  3. Will there be visual testing and fixed wire testing

Ignore the time scales that some people may put on testing as every property is different, I can say this as I am an electrician with experience. For instance you may go to a property with 2 circuits and the next with 10. Obviously one will take longer than the other but the one with just 2 circuits may only take upto an hour.  

The prices can vary quite a lot in circumstances, this is because the the price maybe based on a test with an overview to meet the minimum requirements set out by the regulations ot the electrical test and inspection engineer may decide that it is best to have a full test and charge accordingly. There is no wrong or right way way just a more and less in depth way.


The time and cost could also be limited by having various different consumer units for out houses and garages, ensure that this is all explained to the electrician when booking your electrical installation condition report.  If the electrician has not priced for this or you have not told him previously you may have ( LIM ) Limitation on your report. This will be to show that it has not been tested. Sometimes there maybe limitations for other reasons like no access to part of the property which could result in you having this placed on your report.


Being Best prepared for your electrical installation condition report

When booking your report, be aware that all the power will need to be turned off when performing some of the testing required to carry oy the electrical installation condition report.

Try to ensure all electrical socket, switches and lights plus any other electrical accessories are easily accessible, this is to ensure as smooth a running of the system as possible.

The most vital part of the test is having access to the consumer unit, ensure that if it is in cupboard, that anything in that cupboard is removed in order to carry out the test. 

On completion you will receive your electrical certificate ( EICR ), on it, there will be various bits of information. The main part to the consumer unit is if it is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. If if it unsatisfactory there should be what is called a remedial list to accompany the report.