In addition to a well-founded theoretical training in security and skills in programming as well as the use of tools, a great deal of curiosity and willingness to experiment are part of pen testing or penetration testing.

While half of IT knowledge becomes obsolete about every two years, this is the case much faster in the practical area of ​​security analysis. The target group of this test are both lateral entrants who come from the area of ​​programming or the system support area, as well as graduates of safety-related training and courses.

Pent testers see themselves as an ethically oriented certified ethical hacker in Middle East and are also called white hats. Hackers without these ideals are called black hats. Only the first group qualifies to work as a Pentester/Security Analyst. Not only is the ethical attitude an important factor for companies when selecting personnel, but above all the professional qualifications and experience of the applicant. A completed degree in computer science or the successful completion of a related course (such as business information technology) is often not always one of the prerequisites for employment. There are numerous career changers in the industry who have been hired solely for their knowledge and skills.

What are Some Perquisites are Important?

Future pentesters should generally enjoy tinkering and trying out as well as carrying out security checks. In addition, they should have extensive experience in using security verification tools. In-depth programming and scripting language skills are also often required for a future employer. It is also necessary that future security analysts have knowledge of security-related technologies. In addition, experience in security screening of web applications and conventional software products is often required. Skills in various operating systems such as Windows, Android or Linux are considered to be fundamental for a certified ethical hacker in Dubai. Applicants rarely have the opportunity to acquire many of these skills within a training period. The skills acquired can often not be acquired at short notice, but are the result of years of learning.


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