With the dawn of modern technology, the stage for virtual reality was set to revolutionize many sectors. Virtual reality is one of the key aspects of the future which is going to be explicitly used in different sectors for making the process or the job easier. 

One such sector in which virtual reality has just come into the foray is the gaming sector. Once the virtual reality hit the markets the whole gaming world of professional and veteran gamers went crazy about it. The games of today can be played using 3D headsets.

How do you play an escape room game with 3D reality? 

With the dawn of the 3D virtual reality gaming mostly all games can now be played using 3D gear headsets. And the escape room game is no exception to it.

Rather it can be said that the escape room game has been modified due to the merging of the virtual reality technology into it. Now you can play the escape house Chicago in whole new hyper-reality surroundings. The game gives the players a lifetime experience of playing games which they have not experienced so far. 

If you still have not been to a VR franchise to play a virtual reality 3D escape room game then it is recommended that you are missing out on a cool experience. 

How are the 3D effects obtained? 

Once you choose your game and the storyline you will be briefed about the mission. One he briefing is over you will be entering the escape room. Now, this room all you can say is a boon of modern scientific and technological advancements. 

For the 3D virtual experience, the players are given a 3D gear. You will be wearing the gear in your eyes and then once everything is complete the mission begins. 

Now from here, you will transcend into a 3D hyper-reality world. You will be seeing your friends and the surroundings right in front of you as if everything was just happening there. 

With the help of the 3D headsets, you will be witnessing all the action happening right in front of you. You will see your friends or teammates and along with them, you will be beginning the mission. 

But don’t get carried away by the 4K, 3dimentional virtual experience. 

Remember there is a fixed time limit in which you have to complete the objectives to win. The escape house Chicago is a fixed time limit game in which you will be enclosed in a chamber according to the scenario of the game and you will be assigned a particular or a few objectives. 

What you will have to do in an escape room game is solve some problems or puzzle and along the way, you will be inching step by step closer to your designated set of objectives. 

Can you play this game with your friends in the same room? 

Yes, of course. The 3D virtual reality game can be played online on the multiplayer mode. In this mode, you will be playing the game alongside your friends. And this is not the end. A VR franchise may also allow you to play the game in a team vs. Team mode. 

Game modes available in the escape room game

In the 3D virtual reality escape room game, you can play the game in any of the following game modes-


In the solo mode, you will be playing the escape room game alone. This is the most popular game mode and one that you can find easily in all the 3D escape room franchises. 

There is a particular set of checkpoints and clues assigned to you which are still not complete. Join the pieces together as you look to complete the game within a limited time.

Team mode

The team mode is very similar to the solo game mode. The only difference is that you will be playing the game with your friends. The time rule also applies to this game mode. 

Squad mode

In the squad mode, you will be battling it in teams. There will be two or more teams and one that completes the objectives faster will win the challenge.