Together with parent company LifeLabs, and partnership with industry leader Genova Diagnostics, Rocky Mountain Analytical offers a complete suite of tests to help easily identify a broad range of health conditions. Canadian owned and operated, Rocky Mountain Analytical has significant expertise in functional and integrative medicine. Our broad expertise enables us to provide clinical support to both new and experienced functional and integrative medicine professionals.

Rocky Mountain Analytical has been providing functional medicine testing to arm healthcare practitioners with vital insights into their patients’ health since 2002. With roots as a small lab in Alberta, we have since grown to become part of Canada’s largest community lab, LifeLabs, and partnered with one of the largest functional medicine labs in North America, Genova Diagnostics.

Since 2013, RMA and LifeLabs have worked together to support the growing community of functional medicine practitioners across Canada. Through this partnership, LifeLabs and RMA provide the infrastructure, investments, and strategic partnerships that help practitioners and their patients manage their health in a way that’s most meaningful to them.

In 2020, LifeLabs and RMA began a partnership with Genova, a leading global clinical laboratory, to provide a comprehensive test menu to RMA clients and their patients. Through our shared commitment to innovation, quality, care, and outstanding customer service, RMA and LifeLabs—and now Genova—are working to continually advance the health and wellbeing of Canadians with a complete offering of both conventional laboratory and integrative functional medicine testing.

Lifelabs care about people’s health and are committed to building a healthier Canada. At every step in the testing process, from collection to reporting, we provide caring, efficient, reliable, and high-quality services. As a trusted partner supporting patients, healthcare providers, corporate customers, and entire provincial healthcare systems, we are continually harnessing our medical expertise to build the best test offering while investing in technology to transform the delivery of health care.