Caption is necessary for YouTube Video? then the answer is yes. Let explain the answer – you should add a close caption on YouTube videos because it will help to increase audience engagement. Closed captioning available under YouTube essentials for those YouTubers/vloggers wish to boost an audience and increase it fast. It is very important because YouTube considers close captions as metadata. Metadata shows as a latch onto the hook of YouTube search engines such that engines can easily ping onto databases.

Reasons on why you should caption your YouTube videos:

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Discovery Digital Networks found an overall increase of 7.32% in views for captioned videos, along with a 13.48% increase in viewership during the first 14 days of captioning. This, as mentioned previously is because search engines rely on the search of letters, words, and phrases rather than visuals. Closed captioning for YouTube provides a playground for search engines to enjoy.
  2. Facilitating a distinct audience base: Considering that 5% of the world population has some form of hearing disability, captioning serves as a method to increase the accessibility of your content and your product in this distinct audience base. It could be your way of contributing to learning and a greater good. 
  3. Non-native audience: Captioning also helps to increase your reach among non-native speakers. Currently of global audiences, captioning could be a thing that decides whether or not you break the YouTube mild. Similarly, captioning acts as a tool for non-native speakers to learn and improve on a language. 
  4. Experience: Captioned videos are given more view time than uncaptioned ones. Overall captioned videos have 40% more viewership than none captioned ones. This is primarily because captions make comprehension easy and increase overall video watching experience. Say you are at a noisy coffee place and you forgot your headphones, captions are there to help you out in these situations. 

Now, the other significant question remains how to caption. You can try YouTube closed captioning for the videos on your own – its time consuming, but possible. You can also try the automatic captioning services YouTube provides. Automatic captioning is 70-80% accurate – and this might cost you viewership because the video is not generating correct metadata. Or, you can try online YouTube captioning services.

Furthermore, YouTube video captioning services can be super quick (depending on the length of your video), accurate (because a human transcriber transcribes the caption), and most importantly helping in the generation of correct metadata that ultimately helps you in increasing the audience base.  

Using YouTube SEO services is as easy as like 1,2,3 counting, they will analyze the video properly and add the closed caption on your YouTube video. Whether it is music/song videos, or infographic, documentaries, or even educational/e-learning videos expert transcribers make sure that what you get is accurate in upwards of 98%. Also, the translation of a foreign language is never a problem because YouTube SEO services provide support for global languages. In conclusion, a piece of single advice – start captioning your YouTube videos today.