Fashionable ladies are passionate about using various stylish handbags on different occasions. Some handbags are manufactured by machine in mass scale. But some handbags are made by stitching and designing in own style of producers.  The various women can manufacture with different selected materials and own style of fabrics to explore internal ideas. Handmade handbags are unique in each case and only few can be made with similar style. The handbags can be made in hands by stitching, weaving with some selected materials. These handbags will be of high quality and will be unique in nature.

Different types of bags

The handbags will be manufactured by women with lots of emotions and thoughts. So, handmade handbags will explore the culture of some regional village. So, these handbags will be completely different from mass scale production of bags. Some agencies or companies intend to promote the village culture by selling handbags. The bags may be made with materials like jute, wool, and threads by kneading or by assembling with village cultural ways. Some clutch typed handbags may be made by hands or heart shaped bags may be created. Some innovations always are implemented while creation of these bags. The sling of handbags may be made with knotted materials or velvet. The threads are allowed to hang at the terminals of bag to look decent in beautiful manner.

Online sale of handmade bags

The concern KHOJ.CITY is selling handmade bags online for promotion of village culture. They are also promoting handmade jewelry online. Many women are interested in purchasing and wearing handmade bags and jewelry. The company has accepted the challenge to sell the handmade bags, jewelry with online stores. Crochet bags are promoted with the website. Customers can browse the different types of handmade bags of Macrame art   exhibited in the website for sell. These bags are manufactured by knitting with different colored threads or wools. These bags may be made of clutch type or sling type. These handmade bags are promoted to retain village culture of different states. Jute is one of the major raw materials of these handbags. Some part of jute manufactured can be utilized in this bag industry.

Mission of KHOJ website

The mission of KHOJ.CITY is to bring the small bags of remote village culture to the intended customers. The buyers don’t have to move at that place to buy those memorable articles once they traveled. But, with online sale, they can buy those handmade handbags and can be attached emotionally with the culture. Buyers can feel the exact taste, texture and culture of remote place. Buyers can feel the culture and can use after buying bags online. Village culture is retained and the women in culture can earn their living.


KHOJ.CITY is concern promoting handmade handbags via online sale. The village culture is retained in this way and buyers are satisfied with being associated with dying culture. Buyers can get back the feelings of happiness related with handbags. Customers can move at the website and can place order for doorstep delivery.