The streaming platforms are a very important part and parcel of human life nowadays. Many of the people want to have the personalisation and customisation element throughout their process so that they can very easily enjoy the whole streaming journey.

 One such great platform is the because it comes with multiple advantages for the people in the form of personalisation. Some of these kinds of advantages have been mentioned as follows:

-One can easily personalise their profiles depending upon the tastes and several other things in the best part is that people can create up to 6 profiles for different people in the family including the kids.

 -People have the proper option of the tastepicker which is another benefit for the people so that they do not miss any of the chances associated with the personalisation element. This particular concept will always allow people to enjoy the live events and tournaments very easily.

 -People also have the option of my stuff which will allow them to keep track of proper access to the things and subscribe to the channel is very easy. People will also have the option of removing the individual episodes so that they can improve their overall journey.

 -People have the best possible options of liking and disliking the things and removing the things from the watch history which is a great personalisation element throughout the process.

 -People can also post their feedback about the features so that their overall experience can become very easy and highly enriched.

 Another such a great platform which comes with multiple advantages for the people is the of the personalisation elements associated with it is mentioned as follows:

 -People will always have the option of adjusting the look of the whole interface by choosing specific themes very easily.

 -People can also add the screen saver on the Roku streaming devices very easily which is another great future and personalisation related benefit provided by it.

 -People must go with the option of utilising the best possible feature of renaming the devices so that they can always enjoy the best possible identity of their own device in comparison to the other devices.

 -One such great feature for the people who live with kids is the parental control because utilising this particular feature in regard to the personalisation will always help in making sure that kids are prevented from the mature content with the help of proper parental controls and locks.

 -People can also go with the option of configuration in the clock settings to make sure that everything is in top-notch condition.

 The whole system comes with highly significant user-friendly features which is the main reason people can display the photos, songs and videos on the TV with the help of devices very easily.

 Hence, whenever one wants to enjoy the best possible features associated with the personalisation and customisation one must go with the option of these two streaming platforms because they are best in this particular field and never disappoint the users.