Taxi or shuttle? This is one of the most common questions that tourists visiting Parramatta need to address. Sydney, being the state capital of Australia, is a huge place, which means you would really need to have a reliable transportation service; otherwise, you may make bad decisions that could cost you a lot of money. As it is, it is recommended to plan before you go on your trip, and knowing what to ride from the airport to your Parramatta hotel should be prioritized.

It is important to prepare everything before your trip so you won’t be spending time finding your accommodation, transportation options, places to visit, and so and so forth. The key to a more enjoyable stay in Australia is to be ready and be prepared.

The Sydney International Airport is a hub for many modes of transportation including train, taxi, and shuttle. If you are not very familiar with the routes in Sydney, Parramatta in particular, then it is not advised to take the train. This gives you two options: taxi and shuttle. Some may be quick to say that riding the taxi should be the automatic choice because of the convenience it gives, but before jumping into conclusion, it is best to weigh in the pros and cons of these two modes of transportation.

If you are going on your Sydney trip alone or with just one companion, taking a taxi from the airport to your hotel is not ideal because it may cost a lot, most especially if you get caught in a traffic jam. The usual fare from the airport to the Central station is $30 AUD. Therefore, if you are three or four in the group, it would be more cost-efficient. So, if you are going on trip to Sydney as a group, it is ideal to take the taxi.

However, if you are looking for airport shuttle Sydney has a lot to offer. There are many shuttles in airport that you can ride going to your Parramatta hotel or place of destination. The good thing about taking airport shuttle is that your fare is fixed, meaning, even if you get caught in heavy traffic, there is no additional charge. You can opt to ride a shuttle whether you are going on trip alone or as a group because the price is relatively affordable and cheap.

If you have decided what kind of transportation to ride when you arrive at the airport, your focus should be on you and your belongings safety. Just like in any prime tourist destination, Sydney is not free from people who would take advantage of tourists. Because of this, it is imperative to always keep an eye on your belongings, most especially your passport, cell phone, wallet, credit card, and the like. Also, please take note that having emergency contact number ready is very important so whenever you get involved in a mishap or any other emergency situation, you can easily call the authorities. It is not that Sydney is a risky place for tourists; it is just that it is always better to be ready for any untoward situation that could spoil your vacation trip.

Whether you decided to take the taxi or airport shuttle Sydney can be very friendly to tourists. The capital is known for being a melting pot, as it is, you can expect to gain so much good memories and experiences. At the end of the day, whatever mode of transportation you choose, the most important thing is for you to enjoy your stay and to have a wonderful time while in NSW.


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