It is crazy to consider the fact that slot gambling games have actually only been around for a bit more than a century, especially when you see how insanely huge the slots industry has become in such a short time. It seems as though the inventor Charles D. Fey really struck upon the proverbial jackpot with these games, because little more than 100 years after his invention they have become by far the most played gambling game in the whole entire world. 

A lot of this is down to the fantastic work put in by developers over the years, with companies in the 20th century making sure that slot machines possessed bonus features, and video screens later on in the 80s. In the 21st century online slot developers like NetEnt and Microgaming have made things even better, and there are now various slot game types around – get free spins on Starburst slots UK. Read on for a lowdown on the differences across slot game types.

Standard modern online slots 

These days it does seem as though most online slot developers have settled on a very basic slot template for the majority of their games, and we are going to call these standard modern online slots for want of a better term. These games almost always feature a 3×5 reel grid, with a number of pay lines that can go from 5 all the way up to a stonking 100. 

Additionally, standard modern online slots also tend to have scatter symbols and wild icons, which are your ticket to a free spins round, and usually some kind of other bonus round too. 

Progressive jackpot slots 

Big jackpot hunters will know all about progressive jackpot slots, as these games are the No. 1 way for gamblers to win stupendous amounts of money in one go. You may have heard about the Las Vegas Megabucks machines before, mainly because they are responsible for pretty much all of the biggest slot jackpot wins over the last several centuries.


This is because they are progressive jackpot slots, which means that each losing spin increases the jackpot by a little at a time. These days most progressive jackpot slots are linked up across a network, so the jackpot prizes are almost always gargantuan. 

Vintage-style slots 

Although most of the games available to play across the world of online slots are quite modern in their appearance, there is also a growing market for vintage style slots that hark back to the early days of slot machine entertainment. 

These will tend to only have 3 reels and one pay line, with developers also making sure that they use some of the classic slot symbols that characterised slot machines in the early days. These games are great for beginners because of their simplicity, and also older gamblers for the nostalgic value. 

Megaways slots 

Megaways slots are a very new addition to the industry, with the developer Big Time Gaming responsible for this new game mechanic. It basically gives the opportunity for gamblers to have over 100,000 ways to win on an online slot game, something that is difficult to ignore.