When I first saw the Nintendo Move, I would be straightforward, and I felt pessimistic. Still another system? I was not interested. I was also never a huge Nintendo fan. The only real positive Nintendo experience I’d was Mariokart on the Nintendo 64. Other than that, I played Super Nintendo with friends’ house and had a damaged Gameboy Color I bought off a “friend” But, after seeing how versatile the Switch was, the games designed for it, and the fact you might play them anywhere, any time, swayed my opinion. I understood the appeal of the Move and began to feel like I was genuinely missing out! I wanted one.

I was fortunate to be gifted a Switch the 2009 Christmas, and I didn’t put it down for more significant than the usual week nintendo switch news. Ninety days later, and I hardly use my Console besides for Netflix from time to time. The Switch is becoming my central gaming console. Suppose you’re on the fence about picking one up or get your practical one below. In that case, I share some thoughts about my Switch, alongside recommendations that will hopefully help you decide or enhance the beginning of your Switch adventure!


To begin, I couldn’t and still can’t get over how versatile the Console is. It’s like 1/5 how big my Xbox One and fits within my bag only with my laptop. It’s easy to invest the dock to cost, and I could take it right out when I want to carry it somewhere—no waiting for anything to turn entirely off or load. In the beginning, doing this went against everything I’ve known about tech, so that it felt wrong how easy it was.

After getting hired, I visited my family for Christmas and got to place my Switch to the test. My sister and I’d fun playing co-op games connected to the tv and just on your kitchen table. We even got my mother to perform a little bit. I find myself mainly playing it in handheld functions since I prefer to complete games in bed. I also journey for work after per week and don’t need to be concerned about packing the dock. I’ll claim that using it in handheld mode for too much time (3+ hours) starts to produce my right thumb and hand cramp up and go numb. I have a Satisfye gaming grip in my future, so hopefully, this won’t be an issue anymore.

The fact I can carry it around in my bag/purse and play high-quality games whenever, wherever, has been the most crucial game-changing the main Switch so far.


Since finding a Switch, I’m far more interested in Indie titles, 90% of what can be acquired today for the Switch. I say today since there are more AAA titles announced for Switch releases, which will be great to look forward to! I mostly focused on AAA titles because I believed (stressing the past tense) that Indie Games weren’t just like AAA games and weren’t worth the money. I was mistaken, and I know this now, especially after clocking in a lot more than 70 hours in Stardew Valley.

One function I hope the E-Shop executed was some notification system if something on my wishlist continues sale. Right presently, there isn’t anything that lets me know, and I usually forget to look. I’m picturing a small red dot that shows through to my E-Shop icon whenever a wishlist item continues sale. Any kind of non-intrusive notice could be beneficial!


If you plan on playing Minecraft in a kingdom with a couple of friends or any online co-op games, you may want to appear to become a member of Nintendo Online. Right presently, there aren’t a ton of significant perks besides cloud saving, Tetris99, and Classic Nintendo games for free. I’m optimistic about the ongoing future of online, though, but it is most essential to the online co-op for the time being. There’s a 7-day free trial offer if you sign up.


Around I’ve enjoyed my Switch, and you can find things I have discovered frustrating. As I earlier mentioned, before my Switch, I mainly gamed on my Xbox. Changing from an Xbox operator to the change regulates produced me mad for the very first several days. The A, T, X, and Y links on the Switch are flipped compared to Xbox controllers, so I held hitting the wrong buttons. These first day or two were rough. I turned accustomed to it on my Switch, so today, I have issued when I take advantage of my Xbox. I have come to accept that I absent coordination, and my entire life can be a countless routine to be doubtful of what links to press.

A tiny thing that won’t be resolved before Switch includes an equipment upgrade. But, the unit has limitations. The quality of graphics is not as high as Xbox, Playstation. Due to that, it is the central Console for Indie games. That said, Zelda Breath of the Wild is an attractive game, and plenty of Indie titles are beautiful. However, the more recent Tomb Raider games (my absolute favorite) won’t be visiting the Switch anytime soon. I’ll need to stay glued to my Xbox for those.