The rise of online slots has been something of a meteoric one, with more and more people signing up all the time, and discovering that there is a lot of fun to be had when they are able to play their slot games online.

It would seem that many of those who are signing up fall under the ‘young adult’ category, and this can seem surprising. This might be because, if you don’t play yourself, you might have the impression that slots are for ‘older’ people, those who would go to the pub and stand, pint in hand, putting money in the fruit machines. 

Things have changed. It would seem that, thanks to the move online, the younger, more internet-savvy players are discovering just what makes the slot machine so special and what has allowed it to endure for so long. Here are just some of the reasons why online slots such as Aloha online slot are so popular among young adults in the UK.

The Look Of The Games

Slot machines of old were, to put it bluntly, boring. They might have been colourful and they might have had lots of flashing lights and buzzing sounds, but once you had seem one you had pretty much seen them all, and they weren’t something that would particularly catch anyone’s eye. Plus they weren’t the most attractive of things really, being so garish and ‘in your face’. 

However, if you compare those old slot machines with the ones you can find online today, you’ll see a lot has changed. Rather than brash and loud, the new slots are much more interesting to look at, offering stories and information rather than just flashing lights. This means more people will at least have a look at them and won’t be put off. Once the first look has been completed, they may well sign up, and that’s how new players are created. 

Mobile Gameplay

Perhaps the biggest change that ever came about with relation to slots is the mobile gaming aspect of them. Instead of having to go to a casino or, later, instead of having to sit at your computer, it is now possible to download apps to your tablet or phone and play slots whenever you want to and, subject to having an internet connection, wherever you want to. 

This has made all the difference. Young people are very busy. They are working, spending time with their friends, studying, and generally having a lot going on. They just don’t have time to play computer games in the way they might once have done. Because of this, mobile gaming is ideal. They can spend a few minutes here and there playing something, either as a distraction or to wind down or to get to the next level or anything else, and they aren’t going to see it detract from anything else they need to do. Perfect.

Chances To Win

There’s no getting away from the fact that when you play slots, you are hoping to win. Even if you love the gameplay and the way everything looks and you enjoy all of this to a large extent, there is still going to be something in your mind that hopes you’re going to win. 

Online slots can allow you to dream like this. Although there are no guarantees when it comes to winning in slots, online slots do appear to offer more changes that physical ones. Plus, you can always check out the RTP (return to player) and make a decision for yourself as to which game you are going to try out in relation to the odds it gives you.


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