Unlike other popular casino games, Blackjack requires strategy and technical ability in order to be successful. With the correct strategy players can even tip the house edge in their favour.

Unfortunately some players feel as if Blackjack strategy is too complicated to learn and get put off from implementing them into their game. This is a grave error as those who don’t learn strategies are much less successful than players who do – play card games.

Below is a basic guide to all aspects of Blackjack strategy, detailing everything players will want to know. 


With so many casino games, players don’t need to learn anything and can instead rely on luck to guide them. Blackjack is not that type of casino game. Don’t let this put you off from Blackjack though as the game is still one of the most fun casino games out there! The strategies are also not that tough to learn. If you are reading this it is probably safe to assume that you are a newer player, if this is the case then it is recommended that you keep the strategies basic for the moment. It can be tempting to jump in the deep end and try a more complicated strategy but a basic strategy is the best way you can learn. 

Begin Small 

No matter what strategy you decide to start with, an important thing to remember is that you should begin small. This means you should always make sure you have enough money left after you bet and you should never go all in. Beginning small has tremendous benefits when you are just starting out as it will help to ensure that you don’t lose too much money when you are just getting to grips with the game. Begin small doesn’t just apply to the amount you bet either, it’s important to not bite off more than you can chew and instead remain aware of how little experience you have in the game. Choose game types that are suited to your experience level rather than the games which have the highest payouts. 

Don’t Listen to the Myths

There are so many myths that come with Blackjack, it can be very confusing for new players to separate the fake things from what’s real. Before you do anything, it is vital that you properly research Blackjack so you can understand what myths surround the game. In movies and TV for example, Blackjack is often played but it is almost always portrayed incorrectly. This is because movies and TV want to dramatise everything and show events in the most entertaining way they can. Myths such as it being illegal to count cards and the dealers are out to get players all come from movies and TV. These are just a few examples of how you may have encountered Blackjack myths over the years. 


Playing Blackjack is more than following a strategy off of the internet, players must make sure that they adequately prepare for the game through proper research. Being able to avoid the myths and begin small is just as important as learning strategies for rookie players.