Knowing about your kid’s maturity level leads parents to make the right decision for them. Teens demand their own smartphones for various reasons, such as their friends have mobile too. Even our Gen z depends on the internet for study purposes, including collecting data for assignments and researches, etc. 

They find mobile phones a more convenient way for internet access than tabs and computers. But do our kids need cell phones for only study purposes?

Well, kids age 11-19 are explorers and reportedly, they search violent content on the internet intentionally. A few children find the links of inappropriate sites on random websites. 

So, it is crucial to consider the right age to give them smartphones

The right age should be between 12-14 teens. Further, it depends on how mature your child is and how he/she handles things. 

People often debate regarding the age issue, but growing internet threats can harm our children. They can get involved in unlawful acts where there is no coming back. But thanks to the technology that gives parents a chance to track the kid’s phones using android spy app.

What  Internet Dangers Can Hit our Children?

1 – Cyberbullying – Giving teens internet freedom often cause the bullying issues. They join different chat rooms and add many people on social media. Other group members can make sarcastic comments and degrade the child victim. A recent report shows that many kids attempted suicide because of bullying. 

2 – Sexual Predators – 80% of predators use social media to access the teens and 20% traps them through phone calls, messages, emails, etc. 1 in 3 kids has already faced online predating. Such online users know how to catch the attention of teens and ask them for personal pictures later. 

3 – Download Malwares – Our young generation have no idea what to download or not. When a child installs an app from the play store, he/she can accidentally download malware. Hackers use this trick to harm the device or steal sensitive information secretly. 

4 – Share Personal Stuff that can haunt Later – Our kids do not believe in consequences that much as they should. They post everything on social media or sometimes for the likes and comments. But a post can turn into a nightmare if it goes into the wrong hands and can haunt the kid later in life. 

5 – Phishing – An attractive statement makes the newbie click on every random link. Hackers use links to steal credit card details, passwords, usernames, etc. 

How to Guard Kids? – Use Hidden Android Spy App

It is not a solution to forbid teens from using the internet. But tracking their screens is a way better solution to protect them from internet threats. There is no need to touch the target phone to check the activities. Install the app and start monitoring. 

TheWiSpy – Get Inside the Target Device Remotely

Not every provider is reliable, but TheWiSpy is an authorized company for spying services. It gives remote access and empowers the end-user to manage activities on the target device. Parents can check what their kids search for and what content they watch. 

What else?

Location-based services are its advanced feature. The end-user can easily track GPS location and get the whereabout notification 24/7. 

Final Thoughts 

It is the most important fact to learn when you should give mobile phones to your teens. Many parents do not believe in internet threats until their kids fall into any trouble. Prevention is better, so does tracking. Parents need to know how their children use the internet. TheWiSpy android spy app is the best choice for kids’ monitoring as it helps a lot to create a secure digital space.