Bingo has its origins in Italy and you have to go back to 1530 and a lottery game called IL Gioco del Lotto d’ Italia for the exact origins of the game. When it arrived on French soil, the French eventually developed this lotto game further and it was particularly popular with the French aristocracy and here it was known as Le Lotto. By 1778 its popularity had increased further still and it eventually made its way to the UK. It spread to other countries too and also arrived in America. It is thought that it was first called bingo in the US in 1929, because here it was originally known as Beano. However, a toy manufacturer from Long Island named Edwin S Lowe, who first played the game at a Georgia carnival, heard one of his friends shout bingo instead of beano and he took on this name and marketed the game as bingo. Now, players around the world enjoy the best online bingo games whenever they desire!

The Digital Revolution 

In the 1990s the digital revolution swept and changed the world. The effects were felt in most industries and the entertainment industry particularly benefitted from the advances in technology the digital revolution brought with it. The gambling industry that included bingo was eager to utilize the new technology that the digital revolution introduced. The introduction of the internet helped influence the creation of the first online casino computer software. Early virtual casinos had table games and slots, but bingo was not far behind. It was slots and traditional casino table games that really took off quickly, bingo on the other hand, had to bide its time. was the first online bingo site and it was established in 1996, which is the same year the first virtual casino and video slot also appeared on the internet. Bingo took second place to slots for some considerable time. 

Bingo Strikes Back 

Bingo literally had to wait until 2003 before it became a force to be reckoned with online. During this time many online bingo sites opened and big gambling brands included bingo on their main casino platforms.  Bingo received another shot in the arm in 2013 when 15 Network launched bingo into the mobile gaming market. This proved highly popular with the bingo playing audience and females took most advantage of mobile bingo. Bingo was already highly accessible but mobile bingo allowed bingo players to play bingo on the go, whilst commuting to and from work, or when some time needed to be killed. Bingo is now big business and in the UK alone, it is thought to be worth around £1.3 billion. 

Final Thoughts


Bingo has gone through some major transformations and some forms of bingo are more popular than others. Online bingo continues to grow because of the accessibility and continued rise of online gambling games. It also appeals to all budgets and is quick and easy to play. It is the preferred version to land-based bingo and since the lock down it has kept bingo brands turn in a tidy profit despite months of lost revenue at land-based bingo venues.


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