The idea of a slots guide might seem a strange one when you really start to unravel what they are all about. Slots are entirely random, using an RNG (random number generator) to ensure that there is no way to predict how a reel will fall or where the symbols will land. So why have a guide? If it’s as simple as all that, what is there to know or to learn?
The thing to remember is, slots guides aren’t there to show you how to win (not exactly, anyway). They are there to give you advice about how to enjoy your gaming to the utmost, and in that respect they are indeed useful – it’s always good to have more information about anything you are planning to do, especially if it includes spending money – sign up and play Bezy. So what is included in a slots guide? They will differ, but there are some similarities between many of them. Read on to find out what they are.
Welcome Bonuses
Something that a lot of slots guides will want to let you know about is the welcome bonuses that can be found online. These are offered by most online casinos and they are there to persuade players to choose one casino over another. But cynical marketing ploy aside, these welcome bonuses can be truly useful to players, as long as you know what you should be looking for and how to use them to your advantage.
The offers will vary between different sites, so it’s crucial that you don’t just assume they are all going to be the same, even if they do look similar. For example, many casinos will provide you with a matched deposit, meaning that whatever you pay in – up to a certain amount – they will match, so you’re effectively doubling your money. This sounds great, and in some cases it really is as you can play for longer and have a better chance of winning. Or you can play with bigger bets, and again, this may help you have a better chance of coming away with a prize.
Yet there will also be restrictions to watch out for. Some sites restrict how much you can withdraw if you win when that money has been won using the deposit cash. You might have to pay in a certain amount first, and that will defeat the whole point – you may even have to forego your winnings entirely. So clearly, knowing as much as possible about these welcome bonuses is going to be useful, and a guide will give you that information.
Play For Fun
Something else a guide will tell you is that you should only ever play slots for fun. If you go into a game expecting to win and become a millionaire in moments, you are going to be disappointed. Of course, it does happen sometimes, but it’s so rare it’s almost an impossible feat, and most of the time you’ll end up losing. If you’ve been expecting to win and continue to lose, you’ll either stop playing altogether, or you’ll start making bigger and bigger bets and playing for much longer than you should just to get your money back. Neither of these options are good ones.
Instead of this disappointment, if you play just because it’s a fun game and you know you’re going to lose, you’ll have a much better time. If you do win, that’s definitely a bonus that you can enjoy as the cherry on the cake!