There are billions of bacteria to which our body is exposed, some of which can be harmful and some are good ones as well. The more we neglect our body, the more it is exposed to a harmful external environment. Dirt, smoke, pollution levels, improper diet, climate changes, etc. lead to infections major/minor, depending on the extent to which it has affected the body.

Our sense organs are the most sensitive parts of the body and damage in any form can have long term repercussions that might take time to heal.The most common of all the infections is the white patches and redness of the mouth which is a clear indication of fungal infection. The common symptoms of the infection include burning sensation around the mouth, burning sensation around the mouth, and irritation.

These infections arise due to the overgrowth of yeast in the mouth and there is nothing to be scared of as it can be cured by taking an antifungal cream for mouth. Sometimes the symptoms are swelled up mouth, blisters, scaling of lips, drying, and redness around the corners of the mouth. Infection occurs due to dryness around the lips and the broken skin when dries up allows the fungus to grow, which leads to infection.

As doctors prescribe a balanced diet, they say so as certain vitamins deficiency can also lead to such infections. As lip fungus is treatable, prescriptions of medicated mouthwashes and creams are recommended worldwide.

Several precautions could be taken to avoid this lip fungal infection such as:

  • Having a proper brushing and flossing routine regularly.
  • Say no to tobacco and smoking.
  • Keeping all the mouth appliances neat and clean.
  • Avoid unnecessary touching the sides of the mouth, especially with dirty hands.

Out of all the reasons for fungal infection, the most prominent one is immune deficiency and poor health conditions. Unnecessary licking the mouth corners also paves the way for infection. The medical treatment of lip fungus is just for one or two weeks depending on the extent of the infection. Most doctors recommend lip fungus cream or mouthwashes that eliminate the fungus in the mouth.

Also, in the infection condition, brushing and flossing routine is continued and it is advised to change the brush to prevent the overgrowth of infection.

Other than anti-fungal medications, certain home remedies can also be used including:

  • Using a lip balm.
  • Moisturizing the face and lips.
  • Application of coconut/sunflower seed oil.
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin D
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

People can also eliminate the risk of developing such infections by using safe products and according to their body types and taking the basic precautions. It’s important to emphasize good dietary habits to have a strong immune system. The more is immunity, the more the body can fight diseases. The focus should be shifted from artificial products to natural ones. Lip fungal infection is a common condition and it can be controlled by looking at the symptoms and the doctors can suggest the appropriate medicine accordingly