When we think of online gambling it is far too easy to literally just focus on the world of online slots, for example, or online poker, however these days at online casinos UK gamblers are flocking to another example of an online gambling game – online bingo. Oh yes, Umbingo is fast becoming one of the most popular types of online gambling, which is funny because many people previously wrote bingo off as a bit of a gimmick. 

In reality, however, online bingo is one of the most frequently played games within the online gambling industry, second only to the all-conquering online slots market in 2020. It all points to the fact that online bingo is extremely popular in the 21st century, and this has led to a new set of essential bingo lingo phrases for online casinos UK gamblers tend to play at. Read on for a lowdown of some essential bingo lingo for online casinos, UK gamblers will find it incredibly useful! 

What do we mean by bingo lingo? 

First things first, what is even meant by the term bingo lingo? Well, bingo lingo is basically a rhyming slang term for bingo vocabulary, and it covers everything from specific number calls to more generic words and phrases. As with pretty much every gambling game on the planet nowadays, bingo has a variety of specialised terminology, and you’ll need to learn this in order to have the most fun and success playing it. 

Whilst this was true of classic bingo played in traditional bingo calls, for playing online bingo at online casinos UK gamblers are under even more pressure to know the essential bingo lingo. This is mainly because of the presence of chat rooms, where most of the conversation takes place. 

Why do you need to know essential bingo lingo for online bingo? 

Some of you are probably wondering why it is so essential to know the relevant bingo lingo for online bingo – can’t you just play and then figure all that out later? Well, at the end of the day nobody is going to stop you playing online bingo if you don’t know the bingo lingo, but you will most definitely find that you may not be winning quite as much as you’d like. 

This is because a huge part of online bingo lingo is letting others know how many numbers you have left until you win, and if you don’t understand this it could impact on your tactics and overall bingo technique. Moreover, knowing all the essential bingo lingo inside out means you will be able to connect with other online bingo players much easier, and make more friends in the process! 

Some key examples of essential bingo lingo for online casinos UK 

Right then, that’s all the important stuff about why essential bingo lingo is so important, keep reading for a few examples: 

  •         1TG: This stands for “One To Go” and is used in online bingo chat rooms when a player only has one bingo number left before a win.
  •         BRB: BRB stands for “Be Right Back”, and is a great way to notify your fellow players that you are going for a quick toilet or drinks break.