Thousands of people seek good employment opportunities in the city of Dubai- the dream location for expat workers in the Middle East. A robust recruitment scene and a cosmopolitan lifestyle attract job seekers from around the globe.

Despite the existence of numerous job opportunities in the city, many are unable to exploit them. Due to lack of awareness, they waste valuable time, effort, and money in the pursuit of the best jobs in Dubai. Here are some tips to help you in your endeavour of finding that first-time job in Dubai:

Before Arriving In Dubai

Before one lands in Dubai to attend an interview or search for a job from scratch, one must do the following:

  • Purchase SIM card

When you seek a job in Dubai, it is important to get a valid SIM card where potential employers can contact you. If you have family and friends in Dubai, get them to arrange a card for you. You can get this card, delivered by a courier. You must use this card number by including it in your CV. 

  • Apply for visa

For seeking a job in Dubai, the best kind of visa to pursue is a 3-month visit visa. Many candidates take the wrong decision of applying for a 1-month visa. This 1-month is too short a time for finding jobs in Dubai. Many big companies like banks devote more than one month for even the first stage of recruitment. If you come to Dubai on a 1-month visit visa, you will miss all such opportunities.

Documents Required

You will need to arrange the following documents for applying for a job in Dubai:

  • Card of national identity
  • Copies of identity cards of parents
  • Colour photos of passport size
  • Driving license if any
  • Coloured copies of passport

The following academic documents are also needed:

  • Original certificate of school education¬†
  • Original certificates of college education
  • ¬†Original certificates of university
  • Original diploma certificates ( if any)
  • Originals of other documents like top rank in school, college or university, certificate of character, or other related certificates.

All such documents must be attested by the relevant body of education, ministry of foreign affairs, and the UAE embassy. Persons with all regular and attested documents are usually preferred for jobs in Dubai. In case your field is that like architecture or graphic design, you must also be ready with a portfolio of your work.

Bring along proof of driving license, especially if you have an international driving license. Companies in Dubai prefer to hire employees who have such a license. Also, arrange for a GPRS enabled mobile, which will help you locate the offices of the company you are applying to. It is also good if you own and carry a laptop.

Preparing CV

Your CV is the best marketing tool for your application for a job. Always devote more time to create a perfect CV. Sometimes it is good to entrust the task to professionals.

Applying For Jobs

After you arrive in Dubai with the intention of finding a job, it is good to take the help of job hunting companies like, which is one of the best resources for jobs in the UAE. They are updated with the latest job vacancies in Dubai.

Attend Interviews

You can either attend walk-in interviews or interviews allocated to you personally. Be ready with documents, dress smart and fresh, and have a confident, optimistic attitude.