Ever wondered how before Hotstar and Jio TV people used to watch TV channels on P.C. The only way was to stream online websites, OTT platforms, or the respective websites of channels. But there was also a way by which you could watch your home cable TV on your desktop. But for that, you need to install an application, Digital TV. Tuner. 

As we know that every coin has two sides. And such is the technology and modern machinery. The Digital TV tuner also had some errors that troubled P.C users. The main problem among most of the users was that their P.C is becoming slow day by day, without them doing any extra task in P.C. Most of the time the users complain that an error message pops up frequently even, when not using the Digital TV Tuner.

Activation and process followed 

You shouldn’t ask this question if you have ever watched cable TV on your desktop or laptop. Regarding what is digital tv tuner device registration application, it is just an application like any other software. The TV tuner chord which connects the computer completes the hardware part. The TV tuner is one of the options of the Windows Media Centre, one of the system apps in your P.C. 

The Digital TV tuner registration receives the cable signals in the computer which allows it to stream all the channels. For those who don’t buy a TV set yet, it is a convenient option. 

Latest issues with Digital TV tuners

The Digital TV Tuner has some issue for which in recent times, many users have removed the application from P.C. If you have installed the Digital TV Tuner application then when you open the Windows Media Centre, with it the Digital TV Tuner Device registration application will automatically begin running in the background. If after few moments you are going to watch TV. it’s okay. But if you are doing some other work like editing, typing, or graphics. Then this TV tuner application takes huge space in the RAM, which makes the functioning of other applications slow. 

There are various methods of solving the error. But the most common and user-friendly methods will be discussed. 

The resolution in the smartest way

One such step of solving the error is to end the performing application from the task manager. This is an effective step if you are doing some other task. Because this application runs in the background, your other software will not work effectively. So, again when you need to watch live TV, you need to open the TV tuner application. 

The second method is disabling the Windows Media features from the control panel. 

If you have bought a brand-new TV and no longer want to watch channels on P.C. Then it’s the right time to bid farewell to the application by completing uninstalling it. 

Connectivity and accessibility

Well, the only complaint which users look at regarding the Digital TV Tuner is that it slows down the overall performance of the P.C and hampers multitasking. But regarding foreign viruses, it’s pretty safe and one needs to worry. But sometimes if you have an antivirus installed on your P.C it will pop out saying that Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application is a threat for your P.C. suggesting you get rid of the software. Ignore these messages. 

With the spread of 4G across the globe and especially in India. The number of TV tuner users will surely decrease because all the channels for which you pay to a cable operator are available on your mobile phones. Then why pay separately just recharge a plan and enjoy live TV on phone. And with the growing industry of online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, the TV tuner era seems to be passing quickly. 

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