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  • What Is Influencer Marketing
  • Best Influencer Marketing Platforms
  • End Note


Gone are the days when businesses had to rely on celebrities to endorse their brand and have their fan following reach out to your brand’s products or service. Companies can now use influencer endorsement, which is much cheaper and definitely more effective.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective and popular forms of digital and social media marketing. It is now becoming a must-do thing for most brands. Let’s take a look at what influencer marketing really is and how can businesses, whether physical or online can benefit from this new marketing trend. 

What Is Influencer Marketing

Brands of all scales and sizes are turning to influencers to raise awareness about their brand. This is because influencers already have an audience that you require for your products and services. It is defined as a form of social media marketing that uses influencer endorsement, in comparison to traditional marketing technique where brands used celebrity endorsement for brand awareness and marketing campaigns. 

The reason why influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular is that influencers have an audience that trusts them and their recommendations. They also regard the influencer as an expert in the particular niche they are working in. People now have reliable and high-speed internet connection at homes and offices that lets them keep up with these influencers. Services like AT&T home internet services have let influencers tap into various niches and markets and start earning without investing a lot. 

There are several ways businesses go about influencer marketing. Some send out PR packages so influencers can talk about the product in their posts or stories. Other brands use contract-based influencer marketing where an influencer markets and promotes the given brands consistently for the given amount of time in the contract. Some Instagram-based influencers also promote brands using techniques such as “discount codes” that encourage viewers to make a purchase from the brand. 

Whether you are a small-scale e-commerce start up or a large brand, there are some incredible influencer marketing tools that you can use for effective marketing results. So, what do these marketing tools do?

  • Connect brands and influencers by using huge databases for research purposes
  • Choose influencers based on campaign requirements
  • Categorize influencers
  • Provide companies with third party analytics and reporting
  • Track campaign’s performance
  • Engage, communicate and pay the influencer

Some tools or platforms also allow brands to manage their contracts and allow influencers to sign up via the platform only. All platforms do not have all the features and functions mentioned above. 

Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

Let’s dive into a list of best, well reputed influencer marketing platforms that are incredibly efficient for managing your influencer marketing campaigns. 

  • AspireIQ

AspireIQ is one of the top leading platforms for influencer marketing on all social media networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It acts as a match-making platform between content creators and brand. It has a huge database of influencers and brands. However, the best part about AspireIQ is that it has a strong screening process and criteria that all content creators of influencers must qualify for before they can be a part of the database. They must have a specific amount of followers or views on their social pages, and then they are manually screened to see if they are suitable for the database. 

In addition to this, it comes with features such as campaign management, marketing tools and lets you make payments through the platform, free of charge. You can also get recommendations for influencers that are similar with the ones you are already working with. In short, this is the best platform for influencer marketing. 


Looking for a quick, efficient and do-it-all influencer marketing tool? Then Heepsy is the perfect pick for you. It is a SaaS platform that fully automates your influencer marketing activities. It uses smart AI to gather valuable data and statistics that can assist you in making an effective marketing mix. 

This platform is also perfect for those looking for Instagram-based influencers and it is also compatible with other social media networks including Facebook. The fully automated nature of Heepsy makes it perfect for small-scale businesses, or new businesses who have less experience in this area. 

  • IZEA

IZEA is best for businesses that do not want to pay the full price for all services. Instead, with IZEA, you can choose which features and services you wish to use and pay accordingly. It is a powerful platform for both influencers, or as IZEA calls them creators, and businesses too. 

With IZEA, you get two services: Discovery Suit and Unity. Discovery suite is home to over 8 million influencer’s profiles. Each influencer or creator gets a score by the platform, based on their followers and reach. Additionally, brands can use filters and create lists with this influencer-searching tool.

The Unity Suite is basically a campaign creation and marketing tool. It is used for creating marketing campaigns, running them and analyzing or monitoring the results. The Unity Suite subscription also gives you access to the Discovery Suite, so it’s a complete package all together. You also get a secure payment gateway with the Unity Suite feature. 

  • Upfluence

Some key features of Upfluence include it being a self-serve platform where you can easily match with content creators and influencers that already have an interest in your brand. It is suitable for both brands as well as for agencies. You also get features and services like campaign management, relationship management with the influencer, and payments and transactions facility. You can expect your brand awareness to increase with Upfluence’s services such as content writing, blog creation, landing pages designing and much more! 

They work with most, if not all social media and influence platforms including blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They claim to have a database of over 500 millions of content.  

End Note

Today, it is  inevitable to have an influencer backing up your brand so people can follow their recommendation and trust your brand too. However, by employing an efficient influencer marketing tool or platform for your marketing efforts, you can see impressive and satisfactory results. Make sure to check the pricing and features that the platform offers before you make a final decision!