If you have a look at any decent online bingo site, you will find that there are absolutely tonnes of games going. Have a look at one of the biggest bingo sites right now in particular, and check out the schedule if you have not before. You’ll be surprised at the amount of activity that is going on! 

There are online bingo games starting in the UK literally every few seconds – play on Barbados Bingo. You’ll never have to worry about waiting around to play online bingo live, unless you are looking for a specific form of online bingo game. 

Nonetheless, the majority of these online bingo games come with a real human being acting as the bingo caller. This really helps make the experience of playing bingo online feel a whole lot more legitimate, and a lot more fun too. 

If you want to, you can even host your own bingo games from home using a virtual bingo wheel, where a computer will read out the numbers for you. 

Having bingo callers online are a great thing, and there are a couple of different forms of them, so let us have a look. 

Online Casino Bingo Callers 

This is our favourite type. Most bingo games online have someone dressed up in a casino concierge outfit, either picking out real balls from a cage or triggering virtual ones that will appear on your screens at home, too. 

These bingo callers will know all of the calls, such as Christmas Cake taking the place of the number 38. If you have ever played bingo before, either online or in a bingo call (or at home!), then it is likely that you will have heard these bingo calls before and understand how important that they are to the fun that can be had with bingo. 

Having a real human being read out the bingo numbers to you and make the bingo calls helps to add a social aspect to the bingo game that is often missing in other forms of online casino, such as slots. If you’re a social person, you will love it. 

Your Own Bingo Events 

Ever fancied hosting your own bingo game or tournament at home with a few friends? Luckily, you can. There is such thing as a virtual bingo caller, and all you have to do to engage with this is to press the ‘call’ button every now and then.

The virtual bingo caller will then highlight a number and read it out to you, so make sure that you have your sound turned up for everyone to hear. To access the virtual bingo caller, simply make a quick Google search for ‘virtual bingo caller’, and you will find a whole lot of different options to choose from. 

This could serve as a really fun drinking game, or you could play for real money against your friends if you are adventurous enough to do so. Be aware though, this could make things really competitive and tensions could rise!


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