Brands need to frequently reinvent themselves to remain fresh and exciting. Similarly, branding trends also need to undergo an update. Brand design trends that once seemed contemporary and cutting-edge can suddenly become outdated and old-fashioned. So, if you want to stay relevant in the eyes of the target audience, you must follow the top brand design trends of 2021. 

A reputable branding agency in Ahmedabad can help you identify and understand the upcoming branding trends. This is because the agency is constantly in touch with the designers and keep an eye on what’s working and what’s not working in the market. 

What is Brand Design?

Brand Design is one of the crucial marketing practices of developing the brand name, logo, stationery designs, packaging design, and other symbolic elements of the brand. 

Branding is intangible. It creates a perception in the minds of the customers and how they will feel when they hear the name of your brand. On the other hand, brand design is tangible. Brand design or brand identity is the visible side of your business. It allows you to establish a unique brand that differentiates itself from the others in the market. 

Top Brand Design Trends to Incorporate in 2021

Brands fear risking drastic brand design changes. However, you cannot miss out on the few elements that are a mandate in 2021. The New Year focuses on promoting a sense of understanding, calmness, and positivity in an ultra-saturated world. 

We take you through the various trends that will take over in the world of branding in 2021 and how marketing designers can benefit from the same.

  1. Add a face

Humans like to see other humans, particularly in social media branding. Every brand advertising agency is trying to catch on to this trend by including the imagery of people a lot more than before. This branding design trend uses faces to represent the brand, especially the faces of personalities. Faces generally humanize a brand, and humanization will be a popular branding trend in 2021. 

2. Try Quirky Art

If your target market is the younger generation, your branding materials must display a differentiating uniqueness with quirky art. The use of one-of-a-kind imagery, especially funny, whimsical, or cute, helps to establish recognition and memorability. 

Many brands today use hand-drawn illustrations, even when quirky art includes all art styles. Discuss the idea with your brand strategy firm and get bold to experiment. 

3. Use Muted Colors

Gone are the days when neon colours were popular. The time has come for pastel, muted colours with softer hues mixed with either a black or white base. This combination removes the edge, ensuring that the design does not look so bright. 

The brand identity for LinkedIn, for instance, efficiently uses muted colours. This brand design trend helps them look professional, and at the same time, incorporate clean geometric shapes and illustrations. 

Muted colours add a natural aesthetic to the design. As a result, it is emerging as a preferred choice for Wellness, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Health brands. 

4. Asymmetry

Grids and strict straight lines have become a thing of the past. Any experienced branding agency in Ahmedabad will suggest the use of asymmetry in logos and brand design. Asymmetric designs are more memorable and outstanding. 

Moreover, the nature of asymmetry is such that designers have more space for creativity. When the grid format is eliminated, they can move elements around and make more white space. 

5. Take a Stand

Many events are happening across the globe – both good and bad. People aren’t neutral anymore, and the same holds for companies. If your brand’s target market is Millenials and Gen Z, they expect you to take a stand. Regardless of whether the issue is economical, environmental, or societal, you must stand for something. A large number of customers believe that if a brand does not stand for something, it doesn’t stand for anything. 

One of the interesting branding trends of 2021 involves taking a stance on a relevant issue. It is vital to take the same stance as your customers. Take the assistance of brand strategy consulting firms to understand what your customers think and accordingly highlight your stance in the branding materials. 

6. Minimalism

If this brand design trend seems obvious to you, well done! It implies that your brand is updated and ready to enter the future. Minimalism has become a part of every aspect of modern life, like clothes, advertising banners, gadgets, and home design. 

The shift into minimalism is significant for a few years, and the inclination is expected to grow in 2021. As the number of customers accessing your website on mobile screens increases, the trend for minimalism strengthens. 

Minimal design is a design principle instead of a visual style. It makes use of the most important design elements such as a limited colour palette and basic shapes, to create a design that remains in the viewer’s memory. 

7. Flat Icons and Illustrations

Stock images and photos are a common element of website design. If your brand is popular in the market, know that you have done good work. The user is habitual to your style, and the decision to make drastic changes and add fancy illustrations can work negatively. It can damage your brand identity.

However, if you are launching a new product or rebranding the existing one, then the use of simple, drawn illustrations is recommended. One of the biggest brand design trends in 2021 will be the flat look. 

Flat icons and illustrations allow you to enhance diversity. Moreover, they let you make a customer love your products. 

8. Geometric Patterns

A surprising branding trend in 2021 that brand strategy firmsidentify is geometric patterns. These patterns are large blocks or repeated graphics used to create a hypnotizing wallpaper look. It is important to clarify here that these patterns don’t replace the main images or logos. They are used in the right place, like a t-shirt, a printed menu, webpage background, or an ad. Geometric patterns can elevate your brand experience to a different level. 

9. Keep it rough purposely.

Certain audiences don’t like the perfect look. A large portion of the customers is attracted to a look that is kept rough around the edges. This includes elements like disproportionate imagery, scribbled writing, asymmetry, and more. 

An imperfect design created on purpose using handwritten typography and illustrations is appreciated by the younger, trendy, and more chic audiences. This is similar to the brand design trend for quirky art. 

10. Give the customers an immersive experience.

A brand is no longer just the logo, website, and packaging. In the year 2021, customers want brands to take them on a journey. If you want to stand out from the competition, ask your brand advertising agency to help you create an experience for the customers. 

The number of online purchases has increased, giving more emphasis to the experience of unboxing. Brands must focus on the complete process, from unboxing a package to the use of the product, its labelling and disposal. To make the experience more unique than ever, every minute detail should be looked upon. The customer must start engaging with the brand right from opening the box and unwrapping the products. 

Final Verdict

Digital design and graphic design benefit a brand beyond visual comprehension. In this fast-changing and competitive world, it is essential for brand strategy consulting firms and designers to be acquainted with the latest trends of the industry they are a part of.