Have you ever wondered how companies manage to make their videos viral on YouTube? This is not a coincidence or by chance. Companies have done many studies years ago to figure out what a video must have in order for it to go viral on YouTube and all over the internet.

A viral video is that video that becomes very popular due to the viral process on the internet due to the number of shares that are normally made through the sharing of a video. Our main goal looking to make a video viral is traffic. One of the most popular words in the world of digital marketing. On YouTube, traffic is translated into views. Without views we have no subscribers and without these subscribers we would not have a good watch time. It is not much use having the best channel with the best videos if you do not have a stable audience. It’s like we have a store in an abandoned mall.

All videos that go viral have the following characteristics:

  1. Originality:

This feature is one of the most important, if not the most important. The originality and novelty definitely attracts traffic. All viral videos always have unique content. It is essential to develop interesting and unusual content. One must stand out from the conventionality of a spot. People now want to see something they have not seen before. Let them be surprised. This is very hand in hand with creativity. If it is something creative, it will attract the attention of the viewer.

  1. Interactivity:

Yes, one takes interactivity to another level by using annotations to make the viewer choose to choose what happens next you are giving them the power to choose. This is very attractive to anyone. Makes the user participate in the campaign. Get this to be the protagonist and decide how to carry out the campaign.

  1. They are unforgettable:

In other words, they are long term. Viral videos can be remembered for a long time. Even after a year has passed, they do not go out of style, and over time they have achieved the objectives of loyalty to a large number of viewers. This goes hand in hand with the first characteristic of originality. Many of the viral videos have managed to take root in the memory of millions of people around the world. Many companies risk being different, doing things differently from the competition.

To accommodate the three points above, you need a video editor. Here are three video editors worth considering.

  1. Wondershare Filmii

Wondershare Filmii is an offering from Wondershare. Wondershare is known as a company that is diligent in creating products related to digital creativity. Wondershare Filmii is a video editor with an amazing collection of templates. Yes! Wondershare Filmii’s main strength lies in the variety of video themes it provides. Not only interesting templates, but you can also add a variety of interesting effects, even after the template has been applied to your video. There are many stickers you can add. If you think that Filmii only got here, then you are wrong. Filmii can edit with adjustments to the social media platform where you will upload the video. For every PC user, Filmii is one of the best solutions that can be obtained.

  1. InShot

Before you enter the steps of how to edit videos using the InShot application, of course, you must have the application first. You can download the InShot application on the PlayStore and then search for it using the keyword “InShot”. For information, InShot is the most widely used video editor application for mobile phones.

When you first enter the InShot application, you will be presented with three menus, namely Video, Photo, and Collage. The three menus show that you can use the InShot application for video editing and photo editing. In addition, you can combine several images into one image using Collage.


Magisto is supported by a unique programming language. It can customize the theme that the user has chosen with the best part in the photo or video. This ability is due to the Magisto programming language which can parse photo and video metadata. How to operate it is really simple. You just have to choose a photo or video to be assembled. After that, choose the style of the video to be made along with the background music. Your favorite video is ready to watch after about five minutes. It’s just that, you can only download the video if you use the paid version of Magisto.

Video templates are one of the determining factors for a video’s virality

In many cases, attractive video templates are able to capture more viewers in a short period of time. Here are a variety of interesting video templates from Filmii that you can use in your videos.

  1. Instant Classic

This is perfect for travel videos or videos themed on contemplation, inner calm, and so on.

  1. Electric Lights

You want to make a contemporary music video? This is the most suitable template for you.

  1. Bon Appetit

This template is suitable for cooking tutorial videos.

  1. No Nonsense

If you are a fan of daily vlogs then this template is for you.

  1. Life’s a Beach

Like No Nonsense, this template is suitable for videos of adventures or personal trips to a remote country, and so on.


Creating a viral video requires a strong concept. However, to embody this strong concept, a proper video editor is needed. Filmii, InShot, and Magisto are three video editor apps that can help you realize your dream of going viral. But if you are more comfortable using a PC, of ​​course, Filmii is the best choice. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you.