An instructional video is a video that helps impart knowledge, explains a concept, and teaches someone how to do something with the help of a video. Regardless of the industry you are in, be it an online class, a recipe, a demonstration on how to make paper origami, instructional videos have become the key. Instructional videos can range from 2 minutes to hours depending on the topic you want to cover. It is a step by step process of sharing your knowledge in the form of video. This helps the viewer understand better as he is listening as well as seeing the video.

How to make an instructional video with screen recording 

Step 1 – Write a storyboard and a script 

The first thing to do while making an instructional video is to have a script and a story in mind. Begin by picking the topic you want to discuss. It’s better to plan out the topic on paper, to answer any questions by the viewers. Make a step by step graphical representation of the same. While making a visual representation, also make sure your script on paper is ready. Practice the script, to avoid fumbling or retakes during the videos.

Step 2 – Record your screen

Select the application you want to use to record your screen.You can opt to use Wondershare DemoCreator. First, Download, install and launch the software. Now click on the red colour “New Recording” button.

Now, click on the “Settings” icon and then you can see options to set up your screen,you can choose to customize the screens according to your convenience.

Select the tab that reads screen from the top left corner,from there you can choose to record the full screen or a specific area you wish to show during your screening. You also have to choose the frame rate which lies from 15 FPS to60 FPS. The software records the full screen by default,although you can customize the area by adjusting the recording area.

  • Record your audio – Just below the screen,you will find the audio section,from where you can determine the audio source. The option of the microphone or computer audio will be given. You can either select one or choose both.

  • Record your webcam – Enable the webcam recording by choosing the camera option below the audio, you can customize your settings accordingly by choosing the frame rate, camera, and resolution.

  • Advanced Settings – With the basic settings, users can also choose the advance setting features. You can choose where you want to save your recorded file, whether you want to show your control during recording. Customization settings on the recorder screen are also available. You can use shortcut keys like F10 to begin recording and F10 again when you want to stop. To pause anytime between the video, press F9.

Once you are satisfied with the settings and changes click on the “Capture” button and the recording will begin.

After clicking the “Capture” button software will start recording your screen. Once you have recording click on the red colour stop button the program will stop your recording and automatically open the video editor of DemoCreator.

Step 3 –Editing your video 

After opening video in the DemoCreator video editor software you can edit the clips separately, mute the audio or detach the audio. You can also choose to mute the audio for a particular clip, right lock on the click and choose “mute audio”.

In the same way, you can detach the audio from the video too.

When you are recording the video, you cannot expect your video to be perfect in one go. Therefore with the features such as trim, crop, resize videos you can omit the unnecessary parts. You have the provision of a preview button to see the changes you’re making before finalizing it.

To beautify the video and make it more appealing and interactive, you can also add stickers, annotations like Dialog boxes, arrows, banners, change fonts and colors, captions, and subtitles. You can also add transitions in between your videos,cursor effects and use the all-new cool green screen effects with this video editor.


Step 4 – Record your narration 

Once you have finalized your edits, add in the audio narration. You can use clip speed, and extend the frame to sync both the audio and the video. Wondershare DemoCreator also gives you the option of adding music and voiceovers. With voiceover, you can add your voice separately and insert it during the clip. You can also choose your favorite song or music to put in between either during a montage or your intro.

Step 5 – Add video intro 

Your video intro is very important and will likely decide whether your viewers choose to stay or stop your video. Keep the video intro to the point, discuss what exactly your video is going to talk about, and give the key headings.

To add your intro, remove unwanted clips from your video, hit the open button to add in the intro files.

You can also customize your intro clips by adding effects, captions, titles, music, voice-overs to make it look engaging.

Step 6 – Produce and share 

This software allows you to export your video in your convenient location for access in the future. Hit the export button, and give your video a name and select the target location. Hit the export button to save the masterpiece in the desired location.

You can also choose to save files like local files such as MP4, MP3, GIF, MOV, etc.


Recording, making, and editing a video has never been easier. Wondershare DemoCreator is packed with many features. This all-in-one software allows you to record your screen, your audio, make changes to it and even save it in high quality. With many features under each heading, the entire process will be smooth. It is free to download and is support by windows and Mac. You can download from the official website.