The automotive industry in India has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. The entry of foreign players and the evolution of homegrown manufacturers have contributed heavily to this progress. As a result, consumers can choose from an abundance of options today.

The pre-owned car market has also seen its fair share of growth in India. While a new car can be costly, a second-hand ride comes at a much lower price offering similar mobility benefits. Moreover, with attractive used car loan interest rates available today, you can finance your purchase with a loan easily.

That’s why used cars sales are so strong in our country. However, with various options available, purchasing a vehicle from a trusted car brand is essential. So, the following are the top trusted used car brands in India.

Maruti Suzuki

Since the revered launch of Maruti 800, the Maruti Suzuki brand has built and sustained trust among Indian consumers. With the largest service network in the nation, the brand is known for its reliable, low-maintenance cars. Its cars enjoy high sales numbers thanks to its strong dealership network. So, you don’t have to worry about scouting the market for accessories or spares for your used car.

With over 145 variants in 15 car models, there is little chance you won’t find your ideal used car from Maruti Suzuki. When going for a used car loan, compare the interest rate from various lenders and proceed with the best offer.


Toyota enjoys a reliable brand name based on its quality. Indian consumers who drove an Innova or Fortuner will swear on their excellent performance. Operating in India since the late 90s, it has been a major player in the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segments.

With a high resale value, superb brand recognition and powerful vehicles, Toyota is a great used car brand. If you are thinking of purchasing a Toyota car through a loan, do check your used car loan eligibility in advance for hassle-free proceedings.


The Korean manufacturer, Hyundai, witnessed soaring sales figures with their first model, Santro. Since then, things have only gone uphill. The brand is known for innovation, unique models and great after-sales support.

Hyundai has a huge and loyal customer base. A used car from this brand can be beneficial because of its easily available accessories and spare parts, even from third-party dealers.


You must go for a car brand with an excellent reputation, good resale value, and strong maintenance support. Your used car can quickly become a burden if it’s servicing and spares are not readily available. A used car loan can help you immensely in your purchase if you are falling short on funds!

Buying a second-hand car should involve adequate research to choose the model that ensures a safe and smooth ride for you and your loved ones. Besides, a used car loan EMI calculator can come in handy while planning your EMIs and loan tenure effectively.


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