Lake Tahoe is e situated in the lap of California-Nevada but is divided into two sides north and south. The lake was divided into two parts years ago and now it has transformed the stunning landscape that plays stage to different regions. If you are thinking about a Tahoe wedding celebration, then the difference between north lake Tahoe weddings and South lake Tahoe weddings should be the key consideration. This only gets clear when you understand the undertakings and culture of two different sides. So, before you plan and deliver your wedding itinerary to your friends and relatives, know the key differences.

South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is a town of hustle and bustle where people enjoy the fullest. On this end of the lake, you will find night hotspots like casinos, discotheques, and late-night restaurants, which makes it a party-perfect location. This location is the ideal blend of happening nightlife and calm and serene surroundings. It boasts some of the most beautiful resorts in all of South Lake Tahoe. From lake side resorts to mesmerizing mountain views and lake views, South Lake Tahoe is full of ideal wedding locations. With the ideal backdrop of the Nevada mountain range, you can plan an emerald bay wedding.

Things to do at South lake Tahoe

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can enjoy the South Lake activities too in your ideal time. Some activities are seasonal but some run throughout the year. South Lake Tahoe is a popular Ski destination and gives you 12 options of downhill Ski resorts to choose from. The Ski shops nearby provide snowshoes and cross-countries on rent too. Well, skiing is a snow activity which is popular in winters, but here in South Lake Tahoe you can also ski in July. Other than that, if you are not a mountain person then you can explore beaches and outdoors activities too that happen in South Lake Tahoe during summers. Many beaches lie along the Tahoe’s 72 miles of shoreline to enjoy some fresh breeze. There are various trail systems too which you can use for walking, cycling and jogging or just sit and enjoy the greenery around. The famous ones are Tahoe Rim Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Desolation Wilderness area trails. If this doesn’t suffice, you can also enjoy live music, beer festivals, and amazing delicacies in different restaurants and waterfront bars which fascinate your evening. Apart from this South Lake Tahoe serves amazing drinks and dishes too. Check out from below

What to eat and drink

If you are a foodie and passionate about trying new and international cuisines then, there are many restaurants in South Shore to treat you. There are a plethora of American items available in these restaurants. The organic food is easily available which means if you are a vegetarian, vegan or prefer gluten-free food over junk, this place won’t fail to satisfy your culinary cravings. As stated above, South Lake Tahoe is situated near California; it keeps the Californian vibe in you alive. The brewery is also a good thing to experience on the South Shore particularly at places like South Lake Brewing Company, Stateline Brewery, or Brewery Lake Tahoe. These restaurants have extensive California-forward beer and wine menus.

These are some of the important highlights of the South side of Lake Tahoe, but you might question where you will stay. Do not worry the accommodation facilities are not less.

Where to stay

The north shore is expensive and luxurious, but south shore provides affordable lodging and dining to sleep, relaxes, enjoy and eat well. If you are a night geek you can enjoy the nearby nightclubs and casinos to kill time. Most hotels in Stateline are within walking distance of bars and restaurants which would be better than spending unnecessary cab fares.

How to get there

Now that you have got a glimpse that apart from the wedding ceremony what other things you can enjoy. Before making your way there look at the convenient options.

Lake Tahoe is about 3.5 hours east from San Francisco from where you can drive or take a cab ride.

If you are flying then you will land at Reno-Tahoe international airport which is about 90-minutes away from South Lake Tahoe.

You can also fly down to Sacramento International Airport and reach South Lake Tahoe through Highway-50 and 80 within approximately 90 minutes.

This is how you can go with a curious mind and come back with a lot of memories. If you are a first time visitor to South Lake Tahoe then you will find it difficult to leave the place, but if you have been there previously, then you know what you are left to finish with. So, if you are coming here to get married or attend a marriage then take some more time for other activities too.


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