Is this the best beach destination in Asia | Dailybn Travel

How was your weekend? I just finished up my latest blog post and wanted to share. Here it is: A Perfect, Affordable Beach Destination – Unawatuna, Sri Lanka Only two months ago I had never heard of this little Sri Lankan beach town. But after my recent 2.5 week stay, I now think it’s the biggest […]

Is It Worth To Pay Extra For Expediting The Passport Renewal Process

When you have so many tasks to do before an overseas business trip, it is challenging to visit Department of state for getting your passport renewed before your travelling date. Make your renewal procedure easier by simply paying an extra amount for the expedited passport renewal services and get the delivery of the passport in […]

5 Advantages of Online Booking a Taxi to the Airport

Visiting new cities and countries is always an exciting adventure, full of unexpected discoveries and vivid impressions. Route planning, research of sights, acquaintance with local culture – all this creates pleasant moments in our daily life. Nevertheless, keeping everything under control during a trip is not an easy task. One way to avoid stress is […]

The journey of the Indian trains from 1853 to now

As interesting and fascinating  the Indian Railways seems; it has a vast history behind it. The busy railway system was surely not built in a day. It has taken centuries for the system to evolve and become reliable. The Railways, like any other transport system, has changed with time, added to itself new techniques and […]

Informative Website Vs E-Commerce Websites

The cutting-edge world is about internet and websites. All organizations have sites and those that don’t are passing up a major opportunity for a lot of advantages. With regards to sites, there are distinctive composes. In this short post, we will observe the contrast amongst educational and online business site. Both are sites however the […]

Want to plan an international tour? Go for the tour packages

Being in a remote nation is sufficiently troublesome as it may be. Being a tourist in an outside nation can’t be any simpler. Finding your way around another nation could be troublesome and loaded with uneasiness, particularly, in nations where English isn’t the principal dialect. It can be disappointed for you, and additionally individuals around […]