If the title of this article has ever been a question in your mind, you certainly have wondered about whether your peers and competitors are really earning more with a professional credential from an internationally recognized and accredited authority.

Try to imagine a scenario where you are being interviewed for a high paying job with the employer that you have always dreamt of working for. As the interviews progress, other candidates are filtered out until your only competition is a professional with the same work experience as yours, but he/she possesses a professional credential or business certification specific to the job role and skills while all you have to present is an academic degree. Who will end up with the job eventually is a no-brainer.

Business certifications are probably the hottest trend of this decade and it is now a proven fact that they not only provide the best chances for rapid career growth, but also make a tangible difference to the earning potential of any professional.

Here are some quick facts that you probably didn’t know, but should:

Certified Employees are more sought after – More and more companies are increasingly waking up to the fact that candidates with valid business certifications add instant value and help enhance the organizational standards. As an obvious result, therefore, they are offering better and higher salary packages to employees with skill specific certifications. More than ninety percent of professionals and employers who were surveyed in a recent study on professional credentialing said that they had either received or paid higher salaries to job applicants with professional certifications in recent times.

Social Media Leverage – Having a sought after credentialing certification to your social media profile boosts your prospects many times over than you might even imagine. Research shows that more than 90% of recruiters screen a prospective employee’s social media profiles carefully during the selection process, and having a globally renowned accreditation can give you the edge you wouldn’t get otherwise. This, naturally, translates into higher negotiating power when you’re talking compensation with your employer.

Downsize – Proof your Career- This is perhaps the biggest reason to consider a professional credential from globally renowned certification bodies in your career. Employers are downsizing globally, and an adequate professional certification that actually adds higher value to organizational standards is a surefire way to insure your career against such situations.

One of the most often overlooked aspects of a professional credential is that it proves the professional’s commitment to the skills or profession that they are in. Employers value talent who are committed to constantly improving their knowledge and honing their skills in order to stay up to date with the latest technologies, systems, processes and methodologies in their organizations. They are willing to pay up to 46% more, as recent research shows, for such committed talent. Professional certifications are, therefore, of course the best way to prove such commitment and capabilities in talent.

It is no wonder, therefore, that the highest paid segments of specialized workers today are the ones with credentials to prove their worth to employers.