Future Vision: Trends of Mobile App Development for the Year 2017

The booming rise of smartphones in today’s world are essential and cannot be replaced easily. Consumers demand mobile phones with the latest technology and it has been increasing day by day. The demand of mobile app technology and mobile app development has been increasing to satisfy the consumer needs with ever-changing trends in technology. The latest technologies predictions bringing competitiveness in between the mobile app development companies. As every consumer is expecting their mobile phones stuffed with all latest mobile apps. The apps app development is not limited to smartphones while it is also built for digital wearables, IOT enabled devices, Home connections, smart cars and more. cloud-based apps and services have the ability to share and sync data in real time with server & other devices has driven many innovations. It’s time to look ahead with the latest mobile app development trends of the year 2017:

LBS (location based services)

According to the present availability and increasing uses of GPS on all mobile apps will begin to unfold further and give users real-time details based on whereabouts. There are various key areas where LBS can be put in use like indoor mapping, location specific payment portals, navigation, security features, travel & tourism and more. The leading tech giants have also evolved Beacon tech for different OS. Since the GPS services drain the battery faster it has evolved a way to flourish advancement of hardware sector too.

Hybrid app development

It is rapidly developing a trend in mobile app development, once you begin with it, you will be enticed with it’s never ending feature. It can be used in more than one Operating System and quick app development. the majority of developers seeks native style development and consumer requirements for hybrid apps are increasing.

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence

Virtual reality has its specific place in mobile gaming zone apps like recently Pokemon Go. On the other side Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slow in the application but gaining popularity in mobile fields like Google, IBM are waiting to grab another chance to create history.

IOT app integration

Companies in the fields of health, education, smart homes, security, automobiles, are started integrating and experimenting with IOT advancements. It will involve the usage of complex mobile platforms and backend infrastructure, to communicate and share data between all devices.

Ensuring security & consumer apps

Enterprise apps are developed on strong techniques with complex development and challenging designs. Apps have been revolutionized and security threats are taking place. So, the risk of hacking is also increased. Being very personal devices, the smartphones require security.

Augmented reality, data integration, navigation, drones and more are the main developing apps on which the year 2017 have focus.