Just like every other industry, social media organizations have now entered big data era. From digital personal assistants to predictive analytics and every possible thing in between, big data IQ has become an inseparable part of our lives because it’s everywhere- and organizations not leveraging advanced analytics and technologies are most likely to be left behind in the coming time.

In today’s scenario, social media and big data work in tandem. According to the latest research report by CMS Wire, more than 85% of data across the globe has been collected over the past 2 years and more than 80% of the total is generated from unstructured sources or datasets like social media.

As Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, among others continue to earn profits from their unique offerings in the big data era, social media is most likely to become highly personalized. When every comment, like share and follow on social media websites hold potential to judge user’s likes and dislikes, it becomes imperative for social media firms to enhance the employees’ big data IQ to make them familiar with basics of the big data technology.

Today when digital personal assistants are building a relationship with users by recognizing the user patterns, the connection of users with technological development is demanding publishers to embrace the technology to attain a competitive-edge in the market. The latest trend of ‘interactive content’ comprising 360 view of pictures and animated GIFs is undoubtedly dominating timelines and news feeds. Big data era where algorithms are set to generate content with the support of artificial intelligence, big data analytics is on the way to revolutionize social media segment completely.

Having high big data IQ has become imperative because balancing Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and User Experience Design, and analytics require an understanding of big data solutions and algorithms. Big data offers myriad opportunities including real-time generated content. For example, Twitter Curator wherein the user can showcase links, media, and tweets in such a way that it looks like a narrative.

When digital personal assistants like Siri and Cortana came into existence, social media platforms entered a new big data era. Social media giant Facebook is on the way to make bots- AI-powered robots that are on the way to imitate human conversations.  These digital personal assistants developed by Facebook will be named as ‘M’.

Now is the time for marketers to make their brand unique by embracing relevance, personalization and user patterns. Most of the customers expect quality, efficacy and superior service- these customers’ demands can be fulfilled by leveraging big data solutions and models.

In the technology-driven world where emotional response and good storytelling in social media will play an essential part, big data IQ will work like icing on the cake. Ranging from machine learning, artificial intelligence to natural language processing, among others, the coming years will open up numerous opportunities for social media.

The best marketing strategy for every marketer today should be- making big data a partner. By understanding and making productive use of big data is going to help social media and marketing firms reap greater benefits delivering better products and services to users.