How about a rustic look in your kitchen? Isn’t that a brilliant idea? Just visualize the rustic look and we assure you that it won’t be hard for you to envision gorgeous woodland having sprawling trees all around. Usually, a rustic kitchen island comes with simplistic design and most interestingly it is a functional piece. So, this time if you buy an apartment, say an affordable apartment in Madhyamgram, make sure you implement the idea of rustic look for your kitchen island.

Here below are some interesting ideas for creating a rustic kitchen island:

  • What kind of look will you prefer? Is it something like exposed brick walls, simple white cabinetry and wood-lined vaulted ceilings? Then consider a simple yet smart kitchen island that comes with marble or granite countertop. Make sure there is reclaimed wood shelving with bar stools and proper space under the island. Needless to say, that the above-mentioned materials will be warm & inviting for all. This is one of those rustic designs which would surely make your kitchen look beautiful.
  • Another rustic kitchen island design includes wood with a weathered or antique look which adds a farm-to-table feel to the entire kitchen. For the seating arrangement, use dark wood materials. Each of the stools must be in this shade and kept on either side of the island for family-style eating. No wonder, this style would work brilliantly if the idea is rightly implemented.
  • Now, if you want to add repurposed items then consider constructing a beautiful kitchen island that would have old barn doors and glossy pine counter. To get an apt rustic look, design the desks and dressers of your kitchen island.
  • Whatever you do, make sure your kitchen looks entertaining enough to give your entire apartment a grand look.  Stone is another good option to get a perfect rustic look. It is said that this decorating medium completely transforms the boring look of the kitchen we usually see. To get the cabin like look use this shade and just see the difference.

Do not forget to check out the collection of rustic dining room and kitchen images. Browse the internet to get a clear idea about the different rustic kitchen island designs. Look for rustic elements in the market as much as possible. Getting contrasting textures would be of great help. Arrange for wide plank wood for floors, rough beams, distressed wood and rustic tiles to create a perfect balance in your rustic kitchen.

Whatever you do, make sure your kitchen compliments the look of your apartment. Always remember one thing that as long as you keep your rooms in order and they are presentable enough then your entire house gets the credit. So, what are you waiting for? More or less all the ideas to create a rustic kitchen island is at your fingertips now. Go get your list ready and plan out your actions.