The freelance job is the best opportunity for you. It is time to start thinking about how you can get your money without necessarily depending on your parents for a penny. Freelance writing is a flexible job that gives every student an opportunity to work and at the same time attend his or her classes. Besides, you will gain vast knowledge on an academic writing career. Many writers that you have come across must have started as early as the time they were in school. As a result, you tend to develop writing enthusiasm, which later develops into a career.

How to Write a Coherent Content

Writing requires the time of practice to reach perfection. At first, you will encounter a significant problem tackling some of the writing tasks. However, when experience integrates into play, you will notice that you have made an improvement.

Coherence in writing is quite difficult to obtain. First of all, coherence can be taken to mean as a product of several factors fused to make every paragraph, phrase, and sentence to contribute to the entire meaning of the writing. Writers must plan well their piece of writing before and make it more explicit. Writers often do not have nonverbal hints to signal them if their message has clarity. That explains why it is easier to attain coherent speech as opposed to coherent writing. Therefore, two factors are crucial when you want to achieve coherence that is, sentence cohesion and paragraph unity.

Paragraph unity should contain two things, a topic sentence, and control of the sentences in the paragraph body. By control means that you ensure that the paragraph body has more specific data than the topic sentence and that it the focus of attention is maintained just like the topic sentence. Notably, this kind of generalization holds well for the structure of an essay. However, in the fiction stories, paragraphs can serve different fictions such as showing when the speaker is conversing in a story. In sentence cohesion, there are 8 techniques can be used. Repetition, synonym, antonym, pro-forms, collocation, enumeration, parallelism, and transitions.

Some Advantages of Working as a Writer

  • Own boss. When doing freelance writing, you become your own boss. It means that you full control of your time schedule and decision making.
  • You can keep all the money paid by clients to yourself for future expansion.
  • You can work anywhere even in a hospital.
  • You have control over jobs and workload
  • It has flexible working hours. It means that you can work and the same time attending classes or doing something else.

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