I own a gorgeous timeshare property, right on the beautiful sandy beaches of Punta Cana. Literally, once you walk out and take a few steps, your feet will touch the water. Because I am fairly new to this timeshare business, I really wasn’t sure where to begin the process of listing my property. However, after digging through the net, which was more cumbersome than you’d think, I stumbled across this neat website, which after browsing this site’s services, its layout, and reading a few reviews, I felt like my condo would be right at home here.


Contacting Resort Vacation International

When I first contacted Resort Vacation International, to seek information about listing my property on their website, their staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They took care of all the “grunt” work for me, such as, providing the best worldwide marketing and advertising for my property, managing the paperwork between myself and my rental clients, as well as, making sure my renters knew how secure and reliable fund transfers would be – a breeze. (Get it?! Ha-Ha)


Another thing that I have found throughout my experience on the net when it comes to rental properties is that it is super-duper difficult to stand out among so many other beautiful properties. What I love about Resort Vacation International is that they do such a great job highlighting to unique sets of individuals, such as families, co-workers, and friends, why they should want to pick my timeshare property. One of the best ways they do this is by highlighting the fantastic amenities my property has, while also highlighting everything around my property that different groups of people would find interesting.

Resort Vacation International listing my vacation property


Resort Vacation International did Marketing for me!

Resort Vacation International was on point when they explained the way they could elevate my property to the top of rental searches by utilizing the aggressive marketing campaigns they run on sites, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing! through what the company calls, “Progressive Search Engine Optimization.” I honestly wouldn’t have imagined doing this on my own. I am not the “Super Techie,” type. So, the fact of knowing my listing will show up towards the top of any search really brings me super confidence about this entire experience.


As if you need any more of a reason to list with Resort Vacation International, here are just a few reviews from those that have rented my condo:

Amy: “I loved, loved, loved staying at this beautiful beach front. It was super easy to obtain. Really fast actually. It had everything we needed (even free airport transfers, which is a plus). My boyfriend and I had only scheduled to be there for a month, but honestly, we wish we could’ve stayed longer.”

Steven: “Loved the property. Had all the essentials. I barely needed to shop for home goods. The best part about this Condo was being able to open the doors and walk out onto the beach. Some people say, ‘Home away from home,’ but this was almost better than home.”

Zack: “A couple of friends and I stayed here for a couple of weeks. I was surprised at how fast we were able to rent out this property. I know the website says that renting people’s timeshare is cheaper than renting at resorts or whatever, but they aren’t lying! It was sooo easy. We loved being on the beach and within walking distance to some really great restaurants. I would rent here again without a doubt.”

Shirlee: “My husband and I heard from one of our friends who rented from resortvacationsnow.com. They said they had a really good experience and recommended that we’d try it. First of all, getting this property was quick and easy. It was slightly pricey, but for the amenities and where it was located, it was worth every penny. If we could live here, we would. I want to say thank you to everyone involved who truly made our experience a 5-star experience.”

Resort Vacation International were totally committed to my property and satisfaction. If you own timeshare property, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you list your property with them.