Every other person in today’s world has some or the other issue regarding hair which can be related to hair fall or hair thickness. Who doesn’t wish for a healthy and shiny hair? But it takes too much of effort and time to get healthy hairs. And in a schedule where there is hardly any time left to look after oneself how can this be done. But this has got a solution which needs no effort and can give desirable and satisfactory result in just the first use itself.

The Ketomac shampoo is the best remedy for dandruff as it is constituted by the necessary chemicals which work the best to achieve a perfectly healthy hair which is free of dandruff. These days dandruff is a common issue in almost all people. Someone who has to travel or go out for works frequently is exposed to this problem to a huge extent.

The increase in the rate of pollution has lead to many major problems as such. Thus there is an utter need for a suitable shampoo which is safe to use and at the same time cleans the scalp and washes off all the toxic elements leaving the scalp clean. Thus in this way, Ketomac Shampoo serves as the best shampoo for dry hair and dandruff.

Constituent elements of the shampoo

The shampoo is constituted of all the major components that are required to bring dandruff in the hairs to an end and ultimately healthily stimulate hair growth. The shampoo contains a component called Ketoconazole, and it contains nearly 2% of all the other components. Ketoconazole shares the category of an antifungal agent like those of fluconazole, miconazole, etc.

People having dandruff in their hair happen to be observed with a lot of naturally occurring fungi known as Malassezia. The shampoo is when applied to the scalp; it interferes with the production of the ergosterol which is a necessary element for the cell membrane of the fungi. This makes the cell membrane of the fungi too weak as a result there happens to be a leakage of the cell sap ultimately causing the death of the fungi thereby making the scalp dandruff free.

Results after use

It is noteworthy here that there is a sudden change that your hair undergoes after its first usage only. Not only it helps the scalp get dandruff-free, but also it solves many other issues related to the hair and its health. The shampoo has got the constituents put together in such a way that it not only aids in getting a clean scalp but also balances the pH level of the scalp thereby curing the issues of scalp flaking.

The shampoo has also got vitamin formula to get the issues of bad hair textures solved making the hairs preferably more manageable. Thus all these factors make the shampoo the best hair shampoo for dandruff. Using the shampoo by following the directions given properly can sort out the problems related to dandruff in a very effective manner.