The SEO-centred cyber-world relies heavily on backlinks in order to improve the brand awareness and conversion rates. At least one quality backlink is responsible for approximately 99.25 of all websites that are found in the top results. However, it is mandatory to check the quality of backlink. Most Popular Article Share Blog The best link building services company understands this and delivers accordingly.

Any company considers quality of backlink that needs to be acquired from other websites. A quality backlink needs to excel in following three criteria:

1. Relevance to your site

2. Originality of the link

3. The popularity of the website from which it is acquired.

However, these are better understood by professional link building service providing companies, and hence, clients prefer appointing them to DIY kits! Despite the fact that you tend to rely on experts, understanding factors that companies necessarily need to have is important.

  • Do-follow attribute –

A do-follow attribute featuring backlink assures that search engines follow link back to your website. The search engine passes on the page rank of host website and helps build the authority of your site.

  • Acquiring links from .edu or .gov extensions –

The websites with extensions like .edu or .gov have a higher authenticity level because these websites are either government or education oriented. So, request your link building services company to try and provide this feature.

  • High page rank links –

The website from where you acquire the backlink must be high in SEO ranking. Else, there will be no use of procuring the link. Certain adult or offensive websites may even get your website penalised or spammed. Whereas, obtaining one from a high quality page will bring you quality traffic, and hence, higher conversion rate.

  • One-way backlinks –

Google algorithm sets some stringent rules when it comes to acquiring backlinks. A both way backlink suggests link exchange between sites to promote their SEO ranking that is considered black hat technique by Google.

Whereas one-way backlink promotes no spamming techniques; instead, it elevates the authenticity of your page which, in turn, increases your SEO ranking. This is a common feature that should be considered by any link building SEO services.

  • Permanent links –

This feature borders around fraud. Some services provide with the best quality backlinks in well-ranked sites and then dupe the client by removing the link after it has been reviewed and the services paid.

A great way to avoid it is by talking out a way with the company into getting you a trial period of about a month or a month and a half.

  • Anchored with relevant keywords –

Keywords are always vital to a website’s ranking. The companies providing link building SEO services have a better knowledge about which keywords rank the best. If the backlinks are anchored with relevant keywords there, it will draw a far better quality of traffic for your website.

  • Not spam or black hat –

Many companies target incorrect and easy-to-obtain traffic through black hat techniques (one of which has been mentioned above). However, you must be aware of the fact that a large number of algorithms have been launched to detect and block these.

Hence, your website may be spammed, and it will become difficult to gain any kind of customer.

A clear idea of what to expect from pname com facebook orca your appointed link building services company will help you to set your objectives right. This would also initiate a successful virtual promotion of your business’ website.