I bet someday or the other you have had wished for looking at heaven without dying. And trust the fact that there’s nothing more heavenly than Kashmir located in India on this planet earth. Once in a lifetime, it’s a must to go place either by yourself or Kashmir tour packages.

The mesmerizing scenery of the clouds touching the snow-covered mountains, the fascinating smell of the flowers and grasses, the chilliness of the climate that won’t make you shiver or the beautiful apples hanging to its root trees; all of these are opulent to watch.

People around the globe prefer to put their feet on this land of beauty to enjoy the heavenliness of the place. You could feel the nature interacting with you. The birds keep cooing to tell you its history, the clouds will come down as if it wants to touch you, the tall pine trees will be standing straight to protect you against all the odds and in short, it will bring peace to you.

There are multiple places to visit in Kashmir. Few famous are:

  • Pahalgam
  • Gulmarg
  • Patni top
  • Shalimar gardens
  • Dal lake

There is innumerable beauty at the state that one can visit too. The famous Amarnath yatra for the Hindu pilgrims initiates from this very place. Betaab valley is a magnificent valley where waterfalls directly from the mountains that are easily visible from the ground.

We know it well that how it has been a shooting spot of multiple Bollywood hits in Indian cinema. The places become more attractive when you look at it without a screen as a mediator.

Hurry up and get yourself ready to visit heaven soon. The most appropriate month of the year to go to the state is either December to February when it is covered with snow or August to October when the climate is moderately sun-kissed.

Today there are multiple tour packages made available by many online and offline agencies that will prevent you from the hectic work of flight or railway bookings. Before selecting a package for touring, you should be well aware of the type of trip you are opting for the visit. It may be:

  • Honeymoon trip.
  • Family trip
  • Couple trip
  • Friends trip
  • Isolated trip

According to the type of your trip, money and places of touring are decided.

Dal Lake has houses which are costly than the hotel rooms. The agencies provide that facility when you mention it in the package. Hence, you have to be vigilant and choosy regarding your much-awaited and wonderful trip to Kashmir, heaven alone.

Kashmir tour packages rate can start from 18000 and can go to 50000 in accord with the terms and conditions and provisions of the agency. Many newlyweds or families prefer to go to Vaishno Devi in Jammu, which is also provided by these online booking sites.

Some individuals may be saving for their holiday trips and are yet deciding the place to visit. For them, I would advise to go and get lost in the feeling of peace in Kashmir.