The rapid development of technology accordingly affects every aspect of the business, allowing companies to automate many different processes, including recruitment.

However, many of them are still resisting the news. As the 2019 survey from Deloitte, in which 7000 respondents participated, only 38% of firms think about using HR processes, and only 9% are completely ready for them. This does not mean that changes will not occur. Approximately three-quarters of companies believe that HR should be given attention, 32% consider this tool to be very important. As we see, he has a prospect.

Is such resistance logical? Of course. Companies need to be careful, especially when managing personnel. We offer you tips that will make recruiting easier.

1. Experience in using applications

The first and very important step is to make the staff search process more seamlessly, take a look at a potential employee for experience using applications. When an employee has a positive attitude to the use of mobile programs, this pushes him in the eyes of the employer and makes a good impression.

In September 2019, Jibe conducted a study according to which, out of 1,000 job seekers, 23% confirmed that if they were asked to fill out applications in the online application, they would never again apply for a job in such a company. 60% of applicants claim that they are frightened off by difficult technologies.

Companies that rely on the automation of the process can hope for a successful promotion of their brand. It allows everyone who is looking for work to set up a profile on the network depending on their abilities and skills, sign up for job alerts and easily respond to those that they like. Convenience and simplicity are the keys to a successful selection of personnel, and this is achieved largely due to mobile productivity.

2. Combining properties and features

Integration, or association, is the employer’s best friend. When he has bi-directional integrated applications, his experience is greatly improved. There is less paperwork, but time is mainly spent on application improvements.

For example, such a high-quality platform as Role Point Connect implements a job control system and a class management system in all programs, using middleware to eliminate shortcomings and simplify the receipt of information. Thus, recruiters are not aware of the difficulties with saving data. Everyone who uses this software will find out the information that they need.

Also, visual dashboards facilitate access to critical information with just one click. Now you do not need to open cabinets with documents, get external hard drives, etc. The dashboard makes talent search much faster, and employers can adjust the flow of information by the desired parameters.

3. Using various analysis methods

Technology provides the ability to track everything. This is very important because when such business operations as recruitment are monitored and analyzed, organizations can better understand the specifics of working with talented people.

Analysis of data and statistics opens the door to successful solutions. Thanks to it, it is easier for companies to understand when to improve the process. Using the data obtained, it is easier to understand what talents come from, more accurately measure the time required to search for candidates and work with them, even calculate the success rating of employees.

Predictive analytics is not only capable of this. She can foresee how talented will be executive and useful after taking them to the post Pubg mobile pc. The importance of such information is difficult to overestimate.

All these powerful tools reduce the load, minimize the percentage of speculation and conjecture that are inevitable in the selection of personnel.

4. Competency Map

A dossier for every talented person has never been as important as it is now. For all companies seeking to retain useful and enthusiastic employees, mobility is the last and most important way. In 2019, the Global Workforce Study recognized that career opportunities were the first factor affecting the choice of an employer company. So say, 32,000 respondents.

Technology paves the way for a successful talent mobility program. One of them is compiling a competency map. It is also an effective tool for finding, selecting and hiring staff. She also helps employees grow professionally.

The above automation methods will save time, money, and save you from the headache that arises from painstaking work with papers and filling out documents. It also simplifies the selection of staff and the attraction of talented, competent employees.